8 Bells and All is Well (With Ursus)

Praise be to Khonsu and His Majestic Power


3rd of Thnu, 2nd year of the Rebirth, 8 bells, end of First Watch


Oy, Eminence,


Aye, ’tis truly a Glorious day to bathe in the Moonlight O’ KHONSU. I just be the witness of the Majestic Power that is Khonsu. As Ye might be knowing our Great Patriarch and new Lord, Khonsu’s Revenant, were transformed by evil magic into a strange beast being called a Bear-O-Taur. Aye, strange and hideous.



‘Tis, truly a strange and disturbing sight to see our benefactor in such a manner. ’twas as though, ‘E be truly coming the God of Monsters. Aye, but ye may have know the true power of Khonsu and may ‘ave know what it be to bask in the Moonlight O’ Khonsu. The Beastly Priest did gather all the crew of Our Ship and all the Warriors of CrIsis, to the bow awaitin’ the rise of the Winter Moon. Aye, did it rise with massive glory (as though the Priest’s prowess were being lend unto it). At the moment the first beam struck the Prow, then did come the Patron, carryin’ what should have been breakfast for the ‘morn. Aye, and he did stand tall and proud basking in the Moonlight and gut that boar above his head, the entrails and blood dripping all down his hide. The Priest collected some O’ the blood and guts in a cauldron and blessed those in witness thereof. And as each was blessed, did the Moonlight grow bright as the Forenoon-8-bell Sun, did HE transform back to his glorious former self.




Aye, ’tis truly did the Moonlight shine upon this poor soul. Eminence, I hereby humbly request to be anointed the Vicar O’ Khonsu, Cleric Warrior aboard ‘dis ‘ere Vessel. You be the one that may have the knowledge and power to enact such title.


Your Humble Servant to Khonsu,
Bonifacious Raven “Crow”


Sent to his Eminence, Keegan Seárlas Cardinal Rearden, ArchBishop of Khonsu, in Sekti Abtu

Cardinal Keegan picture from Wikipedia
BearTaur picture from Bearataur
Ursus & Crow pictures from our own AZ_RUNE


5 Responses to “8 Bells and All is Well (With Ursus)

  • I’m more partial to this picture of the bear-taur that Scott found – I know it’s less accurate but it’s still hilarious:

    • Yes, hilarious, but that is more the cute cuddly type. It doesn’t quite fit Ursus…

      And no comments on any of the Naval Jargon? I figured I would get SOME kind of response…

  • “I hereby humbly request to be anointed the Vicar O’ Khonsu, Cleric Warrior” Hardly a humble request…
    Great log- love Crow’s perspective.

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