A Note of Thanks

Getting All I Wanted

Dear Son,

I cannot thank you enough for what you and your Friends have done for me. Please thank your friends Grim Reaper and Torrun especially! The Reaper gave us an amazing entrance, and Torrun was a joy to hang out with, generous and affable!

We have left the Western Empire, and it was nice to not sneak off in the cover of darkness! We have boarded an Empire ship on the way to The Wolfen Empire to celebrate two events on one day- the 15th of Pegasus is both the Festival of Bennu and the anniversary of the rule of King Avramson! This is the 100th anniversary of his rule, so it is a major event!

The entire troop, as well as myself, owe you all so much! I hope that you are keeping safe!

Write back soon-

Your very proud Father

Sent to U’Selekma to be forwarded on the 3rd of Pegasus.

Picture of Rizoel from Jaceknawrot.


4 Responses to “A Note of Thanks

  • Sweet someone actually likes me!

  • Okay let’s knock this out of the park so we can party with Merkl’s dad once again! Hmmm, I will have to remind my sister of this as well.

  • I imagine it’s no small task to sail from the Western Empire to the Wolven Empire. No offense to Merkl but I hope we’re not still around when his father arrives! However, I do hope there is still a Wolfen Empire for him to arrive to!

  • I am hoping to make it back by then for Two-Fold, the celebration and to bring some good news back to the King

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