A Simple Reply

You Are A Dead Man Walking

Lowest Life Form

You have said, and I quote directly, “Anubis has daddy issues.”

You then say falsehoods that have been carried through “plays” and “acting” that have of course been exaggerated. isolated, spoofed, exploited, and caricatured. The truth is that Lord Anubis took his rightful place by killing Osiris.

Anubis took his rightful place at Set’s side- and will stay there.

You will die at the hands of the true righteous group, one which has not left death and destruction, and the killing of the innocents, that yours has done.

I look forward to burying you in a nameless plot, on the far side of our City, killed by a true group working in concert for one cause, ReSet.


Cardinal of Anubis, whose name you do not deserve to utter.

Picture by Genzoman


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