A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Dearest mother as I write to you I conclude that maybe sending a simple list would be a more efficient way of sharing the wonders that I see in this outside world every day, they seem to be too numerous and these letters too inadequate for the true wonders that I have beheld. I’ll try to share in some order but forgive me if I omit some things of interest that just seem to sneak by as the everyday to me now. My family was not even able to walk out the gates of Sekti-Abtu without causing a stir, before we could take as many steps we were summoned to the treasury of the Holy City. To say their security was enviable is an injustice and to be ushered through like honoured guest flattery. I have witnessed a holy horde so bright as to outshine the sun with no exaggeration, the cache of the holy city was so beautiful and seeing the Keeper of this priceless collection just sitting impromptu on a pile of gold on the floor like a campfire a memory I would paint if so talented. More miraculous we were witness to a holy relic of our lady Isis and our bonding rings reacted to its presence. Such an intimate reminder of our purpose was heart warming. I will not detail our plans to closely but we left the city with new and renewed purpose which though great was still no match for the traffic on the road.

As we journey along it was a great joy to return to a form more comfortable I have never been so long confined on two legs and to feel my muscles stretch and allow myself loose from confinement never such a joy. These days we have spent making tokens for each other/helping each other as we are able. I was gratified to be able to use some of my skills to create protective charms for my family and in return receive warding from Azariel. Also, Asher was able to make some resistance jewellery to share as well and we all do what we may to prepare and protect each other. Life of course is not always so bright and peaceful but I am enjoying the camaraderie. I write too you not just to share the wonders but to feel the acceptance and understanding you have always provided. On the road under the cover of darkness and magic we voted and allowed Azariel to attempt to a summon a demon, in itself it seems shocking but I say to you that I allowed this because of our complete trust in him and that his interests and thoughts were for us and our quest for which there can be no danger too great. I’m also telling you this because I need to confide my weakness, when this event took place I could not face these evils directly I cowered in the forest nearby to wait and tear them apart should they manage to elude their mental chains. They did not escape and I can admit only to you at this time that I am disappointed, I could almost feel the tearing of their unholy flesh and destruction of their bodies I know that there is part of me that you have warned, that I have allowed to become more animal, more instinctive and less than completely controlled over the years. I think that should I have watched directly I may have ruined my friends sacrifice and slaughtered these beings on appearance, I look for the comfort and wisdom and non judgement you gave me when slinking back bloodied on nightly forays during childhood. I am working hard to be a strong link in this party and thoughts of you give me strength too. I certainly can’t deny the tasty goodness of the sacrificial doves I hope I’m not going to develop a sweet tooth as well as a confused conscious.

To a lighter note we came across some Adram on the road I now realise just how little my new family knows of the fey I fear we nearly ended up with bloody squabble or worse their continued mischief on us. At least I can provide some education over time on our fey counterparts. More thief’s of course and whilst I appreciate the creativity of Indaris’ games to pass them unharmed I can’t help thinking they deserved a more physical reprimand for accosting innocents but I’m trying to be a better person really.

The new city when we arrived was even smellier than the last whilst impressive the temporary tents stretched like a sea before us. The Priest had procured a cart of vegetables along the journey to turn a profit and on arrival we set up shop in this vast sea, not the image of the great adventures you imagine I’m sure. Here we witnessed some of our distant relatives the elves of Sulestan the last of the Old Kingdom line. I wish I could send you their image as I know you would be interested, the city is full of interesting people at this time and we could have spent an eon and not run out of new stories from distant lands. Unfortunately the priest managed to pick the nearest wolf among the sheep with uncanny luck. The power of the female form has become rather apparent to me already on our journey and I think this is something I must learn to develop. Half a flirt and some men seem to lose their wits it would be a great addition to the arsenal, I must find someone sympathetic to teach we these tricks. The aforementioned wolf attempted to poison our priest in some manner that bears study I don’t suppose it would be appropriate here to torture her for information but I don’t think she will receive a friendly greeting should she encounter one of us again.

We have been magically bequeathed a copy of the latest CrIsis book and I will find some way make sure a copy reaches you there. Reading the pages is a different experience now knowing these are no fairy tales and I hope you will ensure the children there know of our adventures and that they are all part of this journey too. I look forward to these games of prowess and hope you will offer up my compatriots at prayer time other the next few days the assistance will be welcome I fear that some could use a little extra confidence. I can’t say I’m worried in the slightest I feel the universe would not allow us to fail in acquiring the lung by some means. I will work diligently in my efforts and feel comfort in talking to you already even if through the pen. Be well mother.

Your daughter Cami

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