A Word For The Bard

| Reader Note: Xerx’ses is filling up his ink vials

| with a diluted mixture of his blood and water.
| I will not subject “you” to red text for the whole page.

Dear Master Terramore,

Evading Giants, Gromeks, fighting spirits trapped in these mountains and making a deal with an ancient Great Horned Dragon we have made it over the mountains. We are in the Rocky Desert of the Baalgor Wastelands and have just entered the cave of my tribe. My hope is this letter finds you well and be on guard. The Gods of Darkness have captured ALL the Bishops of Light in all of the temples across Palladium, we are now at war. Master Overkill‘s wife has been taken along with family friends close to Master Tyvernos. The forces of Darkness have begun trying to kill those we care for to get at us. I wish no harm to come to you.

I beg a boon.


When it’s quiet I think of your music and smile. Use your skills in Cyclone and find allies and then travel please so they can’t track you. Inspire people where you go to fight the Darkness coming, for Osiris will be reborn. You, my dear bard are now Commander Gleba, you must gather other bards and become the song, nay anthem of the retribution of light. When common folk are inspired one, ten, a hundred may rise up as Master Overkill puts it and become an army. We shall bring the Lawgiver, you must now give him the arm to reach out and mete out justified retribution!

Now go and sing Commander Gleba, go forth and spread the song of the just, rouse the anger that is the sword of Isis, spark the fury of Bennu, and carry the Battle Cry of Horus!


You shall carry the word of people of Palladium to the dark Agent of evil that we shall stand, we shall fight, from this day until the ending of the world!

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,

At dawn on the 4th of Thoth the year 111. <<<

Picture from Iron Realms.

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