They will never Surrender

The following is an excerpt, of a transcript, of an interrogation, of a Wolfen insurgent from Seaholm. The interrogation took place on the 15th of Ra, 71st year of the Wolfen Empire. The transcript was intercepted, copied and disseminated via secret methods through out ALL the territories claimed by the Wolfen Empire.

An interrogation is taking place in a familiar earthen storage room under a popular tavern in the heart of Seaholm

Lead Interrogator Kadaskomessen:


L.I. smacks Wolfen subject across snout with back of guantleted hand, blood and saliva splatters across wall and floor


Subject spits blood and saliva onto floor, then begins to laugh. The laughter is human like at first, then turns ‘jackal’ like, then morphs into a strange creepy howling that echos through chamber. Lead Interrogator is taken aback by the response. [transcribers note: I have never heard such ear piercing, spine tingling noise like this howl before. I have also never seen the shocked expression on LI Kadaskomessen’s face EVER.]

After composing himself the L.I. speaks:

*”You find pain funny. You find being beaten to a pulp funny. You find this whole endeavor FUNNY!”*

Unknown Wolfen Subject chuckles:
*”No…not funny at all. More ironic than anything.”*

*”IRONIC…IRONIC? How is any of this IRONIC!”*

*”Well my eastern is a little rusty, maybe I am not using the right word. You see what you are doing to me is not unfamiliar. The Wolfen used to be a savage race like yours ONCE!”*

The L.I. back hands the subject following the previous remark.

*”Ah, yes you prove my point.”*

Subject spits more blood and a fang onto the floor

*”OH, wow that was a good one.”*

*”OK, I will play along. Speak of this savagery of the Wolfen”*

Subject spits more blood onto floor

*”Well, as most know the GREAT WOLFEN EMPIRE has only existed for a mere 71 years. A drop in the bucket compared to others. But the wolfen have existed for generations beyond counting. When “WE” were young we were only a pawstep above our wild cousins. We fought a lot. We fought the Kankoran. We fought the Coyles. We fought ourselves. We even fought the Algor. There isn’t a race in this region we haven’t fought at one time or another.”*

Following remark is very sarcastic:
*”This is really interesting, but what does it have to do with me beating you?”*

*”I am getting to the point, I had to fill in the back story for all to understand. Anyway, about 73 years ago, maybe one to two generations ago, there was a massive killer winter blanketing the ENTIRE region. Many were starving. Many were dying. Many just plain froze solid. Well one of our tribes had possibly foresaw this event and had gathered massive amounts of supplies. Hiding them in Caches all over their territory. At the height of this brutal winter, they decided that they had more than enough supplies and decided to share what they had. At first only a few come looking for supplies, than many more. Rumors started to abound. ‘This tribe was supplying all.’ ‘This tribe was trying to curry favor with all.’ ‘The Tribe is gearing up for WAR!’ Well this last one stuck and became truth for most. Several of the tribes spoke a truce and rallied together. Their intent was to confront the tribe at first, but you know how intentions go. Anyway, long story short; THE ENTIRE TRIBE WAS DECIMATED, WIPED OF THE FACE OF THIS REALM, INCLUDING ANY ALLIES THEY MAY HAVE HAD. This ‘little’ event is what sparked the formation of this Great Empire that you have invaded.”*

The L.I. had to take several moments to clear throat and gather his wits. [transcribers note: I have never seen this L.I. rattled like this EVER!]:

*”Ahem, so what, you killed off a bunch of Wolfen, less for us to worry about. Besides, We, I have killed plenty of Wolfen. It is not all that hard.”*

*”You seem to be missing the point. WE did that to our own kind! Imagine what we will do to PIGS LIKE YOU!”*

The L.I. back hands the subject again following the remark. HARD. Subject spits another fang and more blood onto floor. The L.I. seems to be VERY shaken.

*”S-S-S-So what is the NAME of this tribe a-a-and why haven’t they been heard of b-b-b-before.”*

*”First I will never tell you the name and second it is very simple, WE don’t EVER talk about them. EVER”*

*”W-W-Why are you talking now?”*

*”OH, I just wanted you and all yours to know what you are getting into.”*


The L.I. back hands the subject again, this time the subject barely moves and does nothing after being hit.

*”DAMN YOU TO HADES. OK, I didn’t want to have to do this.”*

The L.I. gestures to the corner. Psionic Interrogator Rurrgassen moves forward. The subject has a half toothy grin emanating from his snout. The P.I. places his hands on the subject. At this moment the subject begins to creepily howl just like earier. The P.I. seems to be having difficulty with the bond. His facial expressions are pained and contorted. After several minutes he breaks contact and turns to the L.I.

*”I-I-I am s-s-s-sorry me Lord. I-I-I don’t understand. No subject has ever been able to defend against me EVER.”*

*”Wait, don’t tell me you didn’t get anything”*

*”No, the opposite, I got plenty, but…It was just the same thing OVER & OVER & OVER again. Death and Destruction.”*


The L.I. draws his sword and advances toward the subject. The subject starts to creepily howl again. The blade shoved through his chest finally stops the howling. [at least audibly, I can still hear…no feel it in my mind. The P.I. seems very shaken. He has the look of horror on his face I have seen any times transcribing these interrogations, but on the subject NEVER the interrogator. The L.I. has a similar look upon his face]

*Reader’s Note: The flag, phrase and mark below are affixed to every copy of the disseminated circular*


Wolf print picture from NWPS
Eastern Flag by our own AZ_RUNE and modified by LURCH6571

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