An Odd Day


I am not used to getting assaulted by a bunch of nut-jobs after teleporting (than again, I am not exactly used to teleporting). I don’t know what its like when I am known from port to port but I understand that when CrIsis first started, the gang went under the guise of using aliases. It would take some time but no matter who you were in the past, the past found you and that became your haunting. I am almost glad that I didn’t have to go though that.

When we arrived at Rogtilda (its so cool; we have a living ship), the team expected an attack and sure enough ReSet didnt disappoint. Overhead a ogre on a gryphon (it was pretty cool to see) came riding in swinging his weapon of choice. Meanwhile, on the port was two mobs. One was pro-CrIsis and the other was anti-Thoth (double whammy pissed me off). Now, because my attention was on the mob (the gryphon was a silent missle), the ogre was coming in fast with the intent to kill us all (had I just turned around I would of killed him with my newly cast spell CANDY CANE OF DOOM.. DOom… doom….). Part of me wanted to start shooting at the mob for their insults but the other side was ‘what do I care about a bunch of shit shovelers with their pitch forks and torches. I used a spell that boomed my voice and told those ‘little people’ to go home (they weren’t dwarves but you know what I mean). GO HOME!, was my scream and for the most part they picked up and left but there was some nut that was resistant to me and as I recalled I shot at him… AT him, not shot him.

Anyways, what a frustration, mean while the ogre on his magnificent beast gambit move is accidentally smacking his poor beast in the butt. The creature just lost it and from the pain crashed into the ship. In a matter of seconds he was taken down. Probably would of turned out better if your beast was not your first strike. The poor wounded animal I think bit him during combat in the confusion.

Well when the dust settled, two of Rogtilda’s unwanted assailants were dead and we had opened all the sails and were on our way. Rogan (the ship has two names. Roggan was the original guy that possessed the ship body and soul, thus the rename). Well, he was not feeling well (don’t think too hard; it already have me a headache) and we immediately began looking for a reason though Asher went and took a nap (well later I found out that he would go into the astral plane). Cami wanted to do her part and wanted to use Osiris as a means of healing Roggan…). While this dick on deck was being stroked (I really had to leave. There was so many jokes that were going through my mind) the ship was starting to heal (I guess) and while he was getting off to the power of… lust?… love?… something… I went to the temple in the ship to keep from snickering. I knew that I was serious that the ship was having issues I just didnt want to be part of it.

When the ship suddenly gave a great moan that could be heard from stem to stern (I was hoping that it was just the wood settling) the statues in the ships chapel began to glow. I called everyone to the room so that they could see the statues glowing brightly; really cool. When all the guys arrived, Cami’s sword launched across the room and landed at the O’s statue. It was then that Father Indaris prayed: Most holy and everlasting, blessed Lady, Redeemer and perpetual comfort of us all, who by your bounty and grace nourish all the world, cherish our lives, and bestow the consoling smiles of a Mother with great affection upon our trials and tribulations. As a loving Mother you take no rest. There is no day or night, not so much as a moment, that is not filled by your mercy succoring all men and women. On land as well as at sea, you are She who chases away all storms and dangers from our lives by your right hand. Likewise you restrain the fatal dispositions, appease the great tempests of fortune and keep back the course of the stars. The gods supernal do honour you. The gods of the earth hold you in reverence. You rotate the globe. You give light to the Sun. You govern the world in time and space. You tread down the powers of Hades. By you the seasons return, the Planets rejoice, the Elements serve. At your command the winds do blow, the clouds do gather, the seeds prosper, and the fruits prevail. The birds of the air, the beasts of the hill, the serpents of the den, and the fish of the sea, do tremble at your majesty. O but my spirit is not able to give you sufficient praise, nor have I the means to offer you acceptable sacrifice. My voice has no power to utter what I think of you. Not if I had a thousand mouths and so many tongues, not in an eternal flow of unwearied declaration could I affirm it. Howbeit, poor as I am, I shall do as a good religious person, and according to my estate, I shall always keep a remembrance of your countenance deep within my breast, and there in the secret depths of my souls shall I keep divinity forever guarded.
Going to the chapel and they’re, gonna get married.

Some days later the our captain was feeling the weight of what was going on in his life. I am not sure what it was about but I really did attempt to make him happy but it was the soldier, the son of the wolfen people that brought the man out. He got the minotaur to quote the code of… something (not the bro-code that I’m familiar with).

A couple of days later we ran into a ramrod er… it ran into us. The shake was so hard that our pal Jinx fell into the water and was eaten whole. The team panicked and prayed to our gods that he was going to get out of this alive. We attacked the beast and tore it a new one. Poor Jinx hasn’t walked the same since. He also jumpy and fidgety. He has been the same since. Thankfully his drinking hasn’t been curbed because when we celebrated his return, he drank like a… fish(?)… a sailor(?)… well he drank a lot.

For the next couple of days it rained, well snowed, and perhaps it gave us cover as we were going though the Orkish Empire but thankfully the druid moved the storm to the empire so that we could finally be dry for a couple of hours.

So there we are. We are in off the coast of the empire of the orcs (is that even possible?). I fail to realize what or where we are going. There has been too much teleporting is all I’m saying. I’ll keep in touch.

Smell ya later,


Written by Burlap on the 5th of Algor the 17st year of King Itomas.

Picture from Deviant Art.

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