The following events occur after the 25th of Tola, 2nd year of the Rebirth, in Avramstown



Ansa…My Sweet Darling Niece…You just can’t go hurting folk like that…


Uncle ! I give Two Fucks about that Guy! He shouldn’t have said that!


…But My Darling Niece…you almost pulled his arm completely off, it is broken for sure…


Like I said, UNCLE! I gives 2 Fucks. He shouldn’t have asked me that!


All he asked was how your Children were doing, he was genuine in his concern, he did not deserve that.


He’ll survive and maybe next time he will know not to ask!


Ansa, Darling, please is there anything at all that would help…BESIDES going after them yourself,
presumably CrIsis and your Betrothed are there now trying to rescue your children.


Do you think!?…I need to see them NOW! (sobbing)Please Uncle, I have to know what is going on.


There may be…something…but I don’t know…




OK, Darling, but I fear that it will be I that will be giving up something…

Ansa & Tinor are inside the Royal palace with King Avramson, his stenographer and his Oracle. The Oracle, Ansa & Tinor are sitting on the floor around the Oracle’s altar. Ansa is in full Bear. The Oracle explains that this form will give her strength and her Uncle is there to act as an anchor, to prevent being pulled in.


The Oracle goes into a meditative state, then reach’s out for the two others to grasp paws. They join, then the vision begins…


Ansa can see as though she is someone else. CrIsis is there but it’s the old CrIsis, the one he calls Godly is there, not Lightweight. She is confused by this, is this the past? She can see them speaking but barely hears them. As the one looks around she doesn’t see her betrothed, she is worried, but the height above the rest makes her realize that she is seeing as him. Then they begin moving forward, there is a door, HE approaches and knocks. Just bust it down you big oaf, she thinks. But no one answers and there is a flash. She is afraid again, but the vision returns, something is strange though, she can feel it, everything got just a little bigger. He looks at the others and they are staring at him. He looks up and down trying to brush something off, that’s when she sees the legs all five of them, no wait that one isn’t a leg, imppressive though. The Vision fades…




The Oracle is shaken by this threat, but knows that Tinor is not just an anchor for Ansa, he is a defense against her wrath. He goes into a deeper state this time to ensure solid connection…


She is seeing with His Eyes again they are in a maze making there way through stone walls, but they are moving cautiously. What are you doing, She thinks, RUN DAMN YOU RUN FIND THEM. Then another flash from something they set off. Oh no traps everywhere, oh he has gotten so much wiser. Good man…beast…thing, whatever you are now. Bring them home & I will love you no matter what. Then there is something strange what she sees becomes blurry and she sees a fuzzy haired elf juggling crystal balls and she can hear him speaking very clearly…


Jar’Eth sits in a window, looking out over his Labyrinth, one hand idly spinning his crystal balls.

“Those Werebear Tykes are sure a handful. Usually I like playing with the young ones before they are changed, but they just kept biting. Not like you, Zara’shan,” he says to the small minotaur on his lap. “You are just a little treasure.” He bounces the baby minotaur on his lap, who coos happily.

“Just glad I got their Daddy rather than their Mother– mothers are much more unpredictable.

He holds a crystal out to his eyes, the other two seemingly disappearing. “So far exactly as advertised. Fighting among themselves, getting bogged down, and even killing one of their friends. My Brother must have become much more patient now upon his return, to work together with the likes of Them. I just hope they don’t solve the secret- they were close with the traps, but luckily forgot once the Gnome stepped up. His music is truly a concern as well.”

Jar’Eth laughs, holding on to Xerx’ses child to prevent the child from falling. “What I did not foresee was how angry the Minotaur was- turning away Hoghead works better than any plan I could have made!”

The Goblin King becomes suddenly pensive, again idly spinning his crystal balls. “I wonder how my brother is. He has spent much time in his Crystal Palace, closed to me. I wonder if he finally identifies with why I am here. I wonder if he would appreciate the Labyrinth- he always loved puzzles and games.”

“No matter,” laughter again emanating from the Castle, louder this time, carrying out across the miles, “time to get back to the game!” With that he lets the three crystals fly out. “Let’s see how they deal with this!”


Damn right you’re glad He is there, not Me, She thinks, You would have been coming out my backside by now, He may spare you, may. She is back seeing as Him, they are following some goblins being cautious again, the goblins stop, arguing about something, She can’t really tell, then one steps forward and his mount disappears in a flash. They stand there with a look of understanding and work their way around, CrIsis follows. It gets fuzzy again, then clears up, there are two goblins, but One is more familiar to Her. Now they are at the center and there is a door in the floor, they are arguing with the door, Just smash it already hunny She thinks, but they get it open, then they are all falling and falling and falling endlessly. Hands reach out and grab them, voices can be heard but not what they say, then up they go, there is another flash. They appear in a bog like place and She can tell it stinks bad, She can sense through Him. They get on strange large blankets that fly and make their way through the bog. She can see Shit flying up from many places on the ground. They are almost out, when a giant goblin appears screaming at them. They attack and fly at it. His group go right between his legs. Yes She thinks, hit him where it counts. Both flying blankets are buzzing around this ugly giant goblin, but they take him down quick enough. Good, that stench was getting a bit much, even with the magic liquids they used in their noses, how can She sense the smell, She wonders.


They move forward, but a little dog man on a slighty bigger dog block their path. Smash him already, Smash him. But he is subdued by Godly’s powers and they leave him in a strange pose before moving on. They see a castle above, then another strange extra vision appears to them all…



That fuzzy Elf sure is full of him self, She thinks. They move on cautious again, more traps and double backs, seems to take for ever but it goes by so quick, it is all surreal for Her. Then there is a giant crystal floating in front of them. A small Gnome she has neven seen before pulls a strange weapon out and plucks at the strings but with out an arrow. This seems to affect the crystal and it starts to vibrate then shatters. It becomes fuzzy again, then clears. She sees a large circular room with a giant whirlpool in the middle. The Fuzzy Elf is at the far end and many Goblins ring the room. The He is moving fast, faster then She has seen Him move ever. She can tell, he has the blood lust up. She is afraid, the lust can be a boon or a bust, but he has much more experience with it, maybe he can survive…the vision goes completely black…



She jumps up and lunges at the Oracle. He lifts away by some power, barely escaping her grasp. Tinor jumps on her and tackles her to the ground. Guards are called in, and after many injuries (some severe) She is subdued…barely.

Events as recorded by King Avramson’s Court Stenographer in Avramstown

Ansa drawn by our own AZ_RUNE
Tinor picture previously credited on this site
Bearataur picture from Bearataur
Video from Gaming Megaverse YouTube Channel



  • I don’t know who looks more ridiculous- me in the wig, or Hippo with that face he is making.
    Captured the anger of Ansa very well.

    • You in the wig 4 Sure.

      Yes, Angry Ansa…Do you have a small Army to protect you?…Good Luck.

  • And I thought Ursus had no patience…

  • Jareth certainly could have picked safer targets, but imagine the poor guards protecting her, if I was one of them I would be investing in scrolls of sleeping cloud, that might let them still have limbs at the end of this.

    • Well they had to do something to “keep Her safe”

  • Angry parents and stolen children, was there anything she wouldn’t do? I’m siding with Ansa they’re lucky she let them live.

    • My favorite response so far. Love it. Imagine if Ansa & Laval’liere teamed up. Wow the trail of destruction behind those two…

      • I think she would have skipped telling Xerx’ses if he had not saved her brother once. She would totally have gone with Ansa and hell would follow them.

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