Answered Prayers

Faith and prayers rewarded

On the night of Set the 11th while still in Whitewater, Osiris appears in a dream vision to speak again with Grignak as he sleeps. The God is mostly complete and whole in appearance but the couple pieces of him still missing appear only as ghostly images.

“Free Agent,” Osiris says to Grignak, “despair no longer. The multitude of prayers and devotion from you and the others in CrIsis have been received. Though it has taken time, the faith and dedication shown by you all since your return have given Me the will and power to reverse much of what Jar’Eth has wrought upon you.”

“Those possessions which were taken from you have now been returned. Those possessions which you freely gave away remain in the Labyrinth.”

“Tell Ursus to pray under the light of Khonsu‘s moon so that he may once again walk in the form of Man or Bear as he sees fit.”

“Tell Merkl to fill a basin with holy water and wash himself in full view of Our Effigies, so that he may finally cleanse himself of the putrid stench of the cursed swamp.”

“We cannot help Silent Dream at this time. His curse has transformed his very soul. To reverse it requires more than I can currently give.”

The God smiles warmly at Grignak as he begins to fade away. “You have done well, Demi-God of Slavery and Freedom. Keep your faith and let your spiritual leadership continue to inspire CrIsis and those around you.” With that, the God Osiris faded away from sight and Grignak awoke.

Picture by Janice Duke.


5 Responses to “Answered Prayers

  • Love the creativity of the tasks for Ursus and Merkl- well done!

  • Rolling Hills likes them short right? Her favorite color is Dream I mean green right?

    • We have some time before we have to deal with that…

  • Ursus will have to confer with Ansa on his current form, he kinda likes it. Of course she has final word.

    • I would not expect an answer to that question for a while.

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