Assistance in Words and Deeds

Malkin to the Rescue

My Friends

You need my help, and I can provide it! Rather than traverse a thousand miles by land, I shall meet you with a river pilot and ship! The pilot and ship you know- Tyrone and Nicole! Know this- I will need you all to visit the Mad Monk to repay this favor the next time you come back to Y-Oda, which I assume you will do for the birth of Ursus’ child.

I shall meet you at the River of the Seven Sisters, also known as the river Murdigan, where it meets the Shadow Coast colony of Ocali. Let your Guide and Ursus know- I am sure they are both familiar with it.

Now on to the research on Lictalon, and the breaking news, just announced today! The renowned mage, The Slayer of Mountains has joined the Elven Kingdom! I can only assume he came to the same conclusions that I have.

Conclusions about Lictalon:
This is truly the God come back to Palladium!
He is truly trying to bring peace, as witnessed by his strengthening the bond on Netosa, and other acts I will detail below.
His offer to you is true, but I am sure it comes with a price, as his “mutually beneficial” comment indicates.
I have spoken to people there in the three cities/regions of Phi, Renvin, and Sulestan, and they all remark that after a rough adjustment, all is pleasant, and the words Paradise are often uttered. There is also the letter from Silent Dream’s friend Moli. I will meet him myself, as I have been granted an audience once I have completed assisting you! I am meeting him in Phi, for I have not set foot there in many years.
The Sulestans have withdrawn the bounty on Xerx’ses.

Lastly, there is phenomenal news from both Lictalon and Sulyott the All-Knowing– the compound is now empty, and both the Dwarves and Elves are going to the new Elven Kingdom! They are flying in Dwarven and Elven Airships from the Time of a Thousand Magics! Imagine the majesty! Proof that Elves and Dwarves can put away their ancient rivalries!

So, to sum up, I suggest that you do meet Lictalon when time permits. I will remind him that your first priority are the Pieces of Osiris when I see him. I shall be bringing the underwater ship so that you may try and sneak in through the underwater entrance to Sovereignty of Terosh. I have an additional gift from Wesvon.

I know this is the help you need, and I am happy to provide it to my Friends!

May the Light protect you all!


Sent on the 15th of Corg in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire.


Pictures by our own AZ Rune.


6 Responses to “Assistance in Words and Deeds

  • Well proof that We, as players, should reach out to allies of CrIsis more often, they are willing to provide assistance if and when possible.

  • I’m glad we’re getting this help. I’m also terrified because we wouldn’t get this help if we didn’t need it so badly!

    I fear Lictalon may not let Malkin leave, however, once he arrives. Malkin may become yet another “hostage,” albeit one treated well and given access to amazing libraries.

    • Very true from both of you- you need the help, and that those that have been listed in The Wanderer have always come through.

      • Unfortunately, we are playing catch up, realizing to late that there was a storyboard to follow.

        Alas poor Asher, I knew him well…

  • Just want to point out a detail that may have been missed- Malkin said AIRSHIPS!

    • That was not lost on me – I expected Torrun to show up with one!

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