Assistance Needed

Parts Quandry

Received as scroll from magic pigeon on the 19th of Grekar, 110 PA.

Peace is under siege and I need CrIsis’ assistance. As you are aware, I have been trying to find a peaceful solution to the growing tensions between the Eastern Territory and the Wolfen Empire. Word of your success in retrieving Osiris’ Tongue has reached Southwatch, and in turn, Haven and Wisdom… in fact I am sure the word has spread throughout Palladium. Gavin’s good words to your followers has been translated throughout the world- a pamphlet in Eastern was placed on my doorstep, asking “Are You Ready?” Yet these gestures are losing out to the warmongering.

There are many who feel that Cava and Rell have turned their back on the Eastern Territory and humankind, as well as Chip and Gavin. They feel that since there were more humans in CrIsis than other races the tongue should have been delivered to a human kingdom. This talk is being fanned by the presence of a champion of Rurga. She has gathered much strength in the last few months. Her name is Mevka, and I know not if she is a charlatan or truly a messenger from Rurga. Stories of her prowess are spreading throughout the Great River region of the East faster than your own tales, for she stays only in that region. She has even traveled to my own fair city, but Priests of Rurga would not allow me to approach her. She says that Rurga will come and help lead the humans to victory against the Wolfen, and words of her deeds have reached from Llorn to Wisdom to Northolme. (Speaking of, Mary is well- her teacher is an old friend.) I am concerned that the next piece that you recover must come here, to help calm the tensions.

Please respond that you received this message- I hope that you heed my wishes. Good luck, and may the Gods of Light shine blessings upon you.

Ever Your Supporter,
Bishop Rose Nodeki
Message sent on the 16th of Grekar, in the 341st year of the Eastern Dominion.

2 Responses to “Assistance Needed

  • The sparks that ignited the Most recent Wolfen-Eastern war, interesting. Of course it seems that CrIsis was just being used as a scapegoat. Gee, go figure.

    • The main warmonger was Rurga, and the Dark took advantage of the situation.

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