At Rod Rambler’s Desk

Behind the Great Bard

“Chitter, chitter, squeak, chitter, squeak, chitter.” The small creature tries to get the Elf’s attention, through the snores.

“What? Ok, yes, that is important! Must fetch the writing gear!”

The small creature agilely jumps from the bed, and rushes over to the desk. He jumps on a wheel, which creaking, starts spinning. Soon the area around the desk is awash in light.

The elf puts on fine silk robes, as if going to a gala attended by kings and nobles, and pulls a chair into the desk with a flourish. Giant feather quill in hand, it appears He is hundreds of years younger than the elf that was sleeping.

“Yes,” answering the chitters and squeaks from the spinning wheel, “You will get your reward after I am done writing.”

The feather quill seems to fly across the page, never stopping for ink, and the Bard smiles, grimaces, and nervously twitches as he writes.

Dear CrIsis

First of all, welcome to the newest member of CrIsis, Mack! I look forward to meeting you in the future. I am familiar with you from your assistance in the Yin Sloth Jungles, and bid you safe journeys!

I have news of much import! The book with the Seba symbol that was kept here at the Library has been stolen! It was replaced with a very expert forgery, with the symbol on a different page! I think that the Mysterious Man is behind the theft, especially since he was seen when the Seed Library in Credia by Ley-Rhy. As you know, he is associated with Terosh.

I am also aware of the recent message you received that Terosh is moving towards the Land of the Giants, and have been feverishly researching that info. I am afraid that I am not the first, for, after talking with many monks, it seems that same Mysterious Man had also researched the same. It seems that Terosh is interested in the same goal- acquiring the Pieces of Osiris!

So here is the information that you will need. I suggest that you hasten to the Land of the Giants immediately! The fastest way is to get to the Wastes of Baalgor, but I know that is the way that the great Rystrom made his end. An alternate route may be through Timiro, where at least you will be welcomed. Of course you will have to spend some time in the monster riddled Old Kingdom to get there from Timiro. I suggest not trying the Land of the Pirates, for little good comes to those of good hearts that travel there.

The Kingdom of Giants is ruled by Sunder Blackrock, who is a Nimro Giant. The Nimro Giants are legendary for their hatred of Elves, Humans, and Dwarves- some deserved, for they suffered greatly during the Great War, and their leadership capabilities. The King has been seen wielding the Left Arm of Osiris in battle against the Giants’ enemies, the Gromek with fearsome results! His home is built directly into the face of the volcano Mount Nimrod, literally in the path of the lava flows! Some quick background on Mount Nimrod: it is the oldest existing volcano in all of Palladium, and like Mount Nimro, is a basaltic volcano. This means it is smooth and liquid, unlike the granitic lava, which is chunky. Enough on the geology, back to your info.

All the Giant races are represented in the Nimro Kingdom, Nimro, Cyclops, Gigantes, Frost Giants, and even some Rahu Men and Titans! I will send to you some short info on each, separately.

There are, of course, a host of monster races which support them, especially Trolls, Orcs, Kobolds, and Goblins. They serve the Giants as masters, for in their world, Might Makes Right, and few are mightier than Giants!

Now for some information that Terosh may not have! They have a great road, called the Gondajar Road, that stretches from the Baalgor Mountains all the way to Mount Nimrod! They also have smaller roads, but this road is supposedly magnificent! It is also very dangerous, for it is well traveled, and some of it is walled, either naturally or man-made, so there is nowhere to hide!

“Hey, it is the middle of the night! You can’t just stop spinning with no warning! Spin for a few moments so I can find what you want, and some candles, you ingratiating little…. (the voice trails, as the quill has suddenly disappeared from the Bard’s hand) wonderful creature which I have been working too hard.”

The Bard gets up and spritely walks over to the pantry, a spring in his light step. He brings a jar, and 2 candles on holders, rapidly to the desk.

-The following has been censored to even CrIsis eyes, for some people still need some secrets!-

Also, the approach directly along the border of the Old Kingdom and the Land of the Pirates, on a direct east/west passage towards Mount Nimro, will provide the least Giant Clan activity. This may be due to the fire swamp and wet swamps and bogs in the region, but the Western Empire spies have lived longer there, sending pigeons of their progress. At least that is what a source of mine says. (Chitter chitter squeek) However, this does not mean a single one has actually made it to either Nimro or Nimrod and returned, so keep that in mind.

Obviously stealth will be your key here, and the ability to shapechange- perhaps into orc, troll, goblin, and ogre disguises. Just a thought from an old friend.

Needed to let you know as soon as I had the information, so I apologize if this seems disjointed! It will look better in the books!

Be safe my friends!

Rod Rambler by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at

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