Ballad Of Torrun – “Exiles Of Virtue”

Forces gathered on sides of the field
Awaiting the start of the game
Each hides his fear behind his shield
Knowing his comrades do the same

Knights advance through moving sands
With spurts of red their weapons bite
Rooks glance across cardinal lands
When they move none deny their might

Pawns sally forth only to be felled
By foes gazed above sullen shields
Bishops smite those they held
While King and Queen drink off sanguine fields

Enter our heroes of wonderful word fame
Whilst King and Queen thought them under sway
Followed along our heroes did in their game
Only to best them in the light’s morning rays

Returned Crystal Castle upon cloud did soar
Entombing the valley far below in snow
To Gilded Elf Lord of legend and lore
Did rescue his people caught far below

With this game nearly in check
Did our heroes look for a way to go
To deal with evil in the West to wreck
Freeing the people that were held low

It was a secret room they sought through
To find the heart of this foul moot
To bring about vengeance upon dark heart they chewed
Laying their foes to ash and lingering soot.

Such was the checkmate of our Western Chess game
Victory was won by light’s lucky hand
Now as word spread so to would their fame
With more people signing on to support our merry band

Written and composed by
Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves


Written in Dwarven and Elven in his journal upon the 14th of Thoth; in 1st year in the Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune


4 Responses to “Ballad Of Torrun – “Exiles Of Virtue”

  • Love the chess references

    • I am glad! I was working on cadence and rhyming. Not completely sure the cadence worked, but I feel improvements were made.

  • Every one gets better. Torrun, CrIsis’ unofficial Bard!

  • Great to seem more prose…Nice “Glowing” Character Token

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