Ballad of Torrun – “Future’s Heir”

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Dearest Sister and my Queen,

Mary may not be fond of my recent decisions because they are not made in concert with her and deal with the nature of her child, Izulkral. I have decided to try and make sure he will know his half-brother, Avkral. Partially named for one of the few people kind to “CrIsis”, King Avramson, ruler of the Kingdom of Havea. Alas, I have made a career of poor choices and bad decisions which is only now beginning to aid Mighty Ra as I lived the epitaph of a champion.

“… you will fall a thousand times before you rise a champion …”
– Anon

I, Prince Torrun ‘syn Ithanson, here by decree that should the Dwarves known as “Wrunella Honeysuckle”, of the Clan Redbeard, and “Tiny” wish it that they and their line for perpetuity, will be adopted unto the Clan Ithan. They may add the clan name Ithansdottir and Ithanson as I will perform the Rite of Blood Bonding with Tiny and accept him as my brother. In his good days and poor from this time forward he will be my brother. In his heart I see Bennu’s Fire as mine beats for Mighty Ra. I leave the allocation of land and/or title to the august leadership of my Queen and sister. As she has more than proven capable of rendering wisdom and justice unto her populace.

There, now that is recorded and soon public knowledge for all. Know, sister, my motivations are to provide for Izulkral and Avkral as they are the sons of a hero, flawed though he was a hero he remains. I hate Overkill as much as I do because I see so much of my past in him. We both realized to late what our lifestyles would cost us, and in many ways are still repenting for.

Valor is not something I now control, nor ever have. Valor for me is trying to just be an example to inspire others. Not to rush off and face demons, because that’s suicide. Stop laughing just because I suck at getting myself killed running into battle as much as I’ve done. Does not mean it is not suicide all the same. Valor is not giving up when fear rears its head and tells you it is the smarter thing to do. Valor is living with fear everyday your colleagues will see you as a failure and yet giving your all to the team your on. Valor is suffering through the quaking shivers as you struggle with the dreams of watching your comrades die around you in battle. Then making new friends and knowing you will likely watch most of them die as well. Valor is making sure you remember to cherish and live each day because it could be your last day or the last day of another. Valor is having the courage to fight or just speak up to make the world a better place for everyone because that means it will be better for you as well.

Valor is doing

Valor is living

Valor is loving

Valor is telling fear to get bent!

Valor is you!

Be Valor!

I’m not up on the Books of CrIsis or if I have even begun to appear in them. I think I am given some receptions I am beginning to receive. I have started making writing of poetry a thing I do. Perhaps people will see themselves as the Thanes of their lives and what faith can do for them. This poem will showcase the similarities I used to share with Overkill. By its end you will see what this quest and faith has done for me as I seek to rebuild the Ra’s heir, Osiris the Judge.


I’m always the Thane of something.
Depraved or cherished, newly coroneted, or just beheaded.
Thane of the craggy cliffs and Thane of the disgraced beds.
I have sat in the middle of a cave in winter with howling winds, a pouch of poison, and a razor.
My life long burden.
My killing rage and my enduring will.
When the excuses fail, when the dragon hunt takes your friend’s life.
I am Thane.

I waved my arm out towards the sycophants creeping and clinging and make them all knights.
I sit at the hunt table and look into the deep dark eyes of my band, my people.
I tell them our revenge against, Glacialmaw, will be remembered in dreams of gold.
I tell them how we will free our kingdom’s soul.

So I put on my rune-inscribed Ring of Ithan.
The exact same ring my father wore when he was still the King among the living world.
Thus armed I go out, I go out into Palladium with my map of the dead and look for Osiris!
So CrIsis can put the future back into Ra’s hands.
Take our pieces from our shoulders and put them within his pyramids.
Lift the crook and flail and fit it among his hands.
Thus I may get down upon thine knee, nay on both knees.
Lower my brow and utter in reverence to Ra’s future heir,
“My Thane.”

Written and composed by
Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves


Sent upon the 4th of Pegasus; in the 1st year of Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune


13 Responses to “Ballad of Torrun – “Future’s Heir”

  • Despite the starting tone being dark I liked the progression of his tale told via poetry.

  • It’s very fitting that as he becomes more reflective of his past he expresses those thoughts in poetry.

    I also like how Torrun was like, “I want these two friends to become officially adopted into our clan. I’ll announce it publicly sis, but you figure out the logistics.” The more people change, the more they stay the same.

    • Perhaps the closest he’s behaved to the envisioned original concept.

      • I love his growth though, and how much he has changed.

  • I love the fact that he asked them, Honey said she would think about it and get back to Torrun, but he just did it, not waiting for her answer.

    • There is a line of “should they wish it” written there. They both still have the ultimate power to say nope.

  • Seems everyone is trying to grow there Clan & Kin. Now if He can just catch his catch and produce some more.

  • I agree, our dark and broody dwarf poet is certainly a good character, looking forward to see more of him develop .

  • Love the poetry, btw- getting better!

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