Battle Of Bletherad Bay

Twas the ringing of the ninth bell in the Bletherad under the burgeoning shadow of the Library of Bletherad which bequeathed by proxy the small sea port its name some five millennium ago. It was as though the bell had signaled the clouds to part and let the morning sun once more shine upon the Isle of Y-Oda. This morning though was different than the last 464 years before it. This morning was dotted by the billowing plumes of smoke escaping from six sinking ships all flying either the flag of Modeus, Lord of Hades or the Zealotry. There were four birthed ships that could mount a defense of the Library and the inhabitants of the last bastion of unbiased learning in the world.

  • The Cutter’s Wail – a Bizantium Corsair that did not make it, however, without the sacrifice of her crew and its noble captain the other three would have likely faired far worse for wear.
  • The Noble’s Wench – A partially converted Timirian Viscount ship with some armor and armaments. It’s two ballista and light catapult will be named “Death’s Twins” and “The Lady’s Vengeance” for the damage their crews inflicted during the Battle of Bletherad Bay.
  • The Faithful Turtle – A Western Empire Caravel, but fully converted to a warship because it is known to transport shipments of gold. The captain is heralded as one of the few Westerner’s to make FIVE passes around the horn of the Land of the Damned losing nothing in the attempts!
  • Rogtilda – The vessel which became the impromptu flag ship of this motley fleet of sailors, buccaneers, scallywags, and ne’er do wells! Currently it is healing in the harbor having spent the last few hours since dawn rescuing those sent overboard from the other ships. Watching the yellow wood regrow never ceases to make me smile.

Whether or not, YOU, yes you reading this believe the stories of CrIsis and their quest to rebuild Osiris to be real. This battle that I witnessed from the ramparts of Auntie Ev’s establishment paints a clear picture that some do believe, and they don’t like the success of our heroes. However, the legend of the crew of, Rogtilda – the living ship, will spread and its crew have taken their first major jump into becoming heroes and legends of their own!

I had been visiting the great library when word began to spread about a small fleet of six black hauled ships, brandishing sanguine colored sails heading to port. It was the sixteenth bell of the day when all Hades broke loose as the emissary of the dark fleet of ignorance and death landed in the center of the port town. As a first shot across the bow goes, few things compare to a Baal-Rog carrying a Minotaur priestess of darkness! Cries rang out as the gigantic, greater demon landed. I had been crafting a poem on the porch of the in enjoying what has been a quiet day up to that point. To then see one of Hades’ dark captains carrying one of the Minotaurs the Golden, Unyielding Strength of Osiris warned the world was still out there was terrifying to say the least! The greater demon set down his passenger, and this female Minotaur brandished her runestaff crying out, “I broke the Angel of Isis within this staff, both of us serve a lord that doesn’t lie about the world! Modeus is the Lord Hades, Lord of Demons! If you want to be free of monsters then join the camp that controls them all!”

That was an intriguing opening pitch if I ever there was one. Her follow up line was what made her an enemy of the Library. Raising her hand to the Baal-Rog, it withdrew a whip made of elemental fire, “Put not your faith in the words of mortals that have not endured the centuries! We have two objectives for this land. If we carry out both is up to you! I come to take the life of the Golden One! Xerx’ses! Show yourself coward! If you do this we shall not set fire to EVERY inch of this misguided, scroll – ridden, isle! Hide and we shall raze it to the ground! Our friends in the Zealotry are eager for you to hide, for they hunger to destroy the lies of the past, as Modeus hungers for their souls.” A Wolfen monk spoke out in Elvish and then Demongoggian to drive the point home that they would not give up the Golden One, for his aid to the Library has been invaluable. The female Minotaur dark priestess raised her staff in his direction, the fiery whip of the Baal-Rog lashed out! Wrapping its flaming length around the monk in the blink of the eye! Quickly, the smell of burning fabric and fur filled the air! Yanking hard the greater demon pulled the flaming Monk through the air and unleashed a flaming sword, slicing him in twain! As, the upper and lower halves landed behind the evil pair she shouted once more, “Xerx’ses! Show yourself coward! How many more have to die before you accept your fate?!”

As the town went into panic, chaos erupting with various groups running for safety, warnings others, preparing some kind of defense. A shadow covered me from the side. Looking up I saw what was about to become the spark that would set the literary world ablaze in anger and defiance!


Flaring yellow green eyes dart as the female Minotaur turns and two feet above her head of red hot glowing eyes of the abyss made flesh. Flames crackling off of them. “The coward comes forth, tales of your immortality seemed to be a lie just like your heart!”

As Kom’var walked out to the square wearing the leather armor he managed to put together he played the part of his spell-making brother, “Luur’na, whatever people may or may not think of me they are right about one thing! I won’t let you harm any more of these innocent people.”

My ears could pick up the screams inside as the “Spellborn” Minotaur brandished his gifted runic powered flail, Cynic. Inside the inn some of the patrons and Auntie Ev were holding a blond-haired woman back from running out to join our young Kom’var.

“You can’t let him…
…out there!
They will kill…
By the gods, no…
I can’t watch this again!”

My head was torn back to the battle unfolding in front of me as I heard her bitter words ring out in Elvish, “KILL HIM!”

With Luur’na’s command the fire demon started moving forward as Kom’var, masquerading as Xerx’ses began darting to one side and pulling it into the center of the town. Yelling very loud that he could take the Baal-Rog demon I saw his part of a greater plan. The rest of the crew of Rogtilda that had been on land was helping to get everyone in the town away in case these two giants toss each other into a building!

Then came the FIRE & LIGHTNING as the Baal-Rog & Kom’var clashed destroying the fountain in the center of town as the grappled falling upon it! Kom’var’s free hand doused in lightning kept making purchase against this demon captain of Hades! I have never been this close to a fight between titans in all of my long years! I knew I would never get another chance to watch a fight of this amazing magnitude again and it needed to be recorded for the ages! I did run briefly to the ladder on the back of the inn to climb up to the roof for a better – if slightly safer – vantage of the battle.

Each moment passed like and eternity Kom’var was able to enshroud his form in glowing spell-crafted armor many wizards are capable of. Between the armor enchantment and the Minotaur’s natural ability to withstand fire abled him to start going toe to toe with the abyssal beast of flame! In between the buildings I was blessed with glimpses of the exodus of the village of Bletherad. The Dark Minotaur Priestess and I were enraptured witnesses to the carnage in front of us! They would break like caged tiger and pounce on each other once again!

SLASHING HISSES of the flaming whip and the ZZZZZT CRACK sounds of the lightning shrouded fist of the Minotaur Wizard. For a bit the added strikes from the Rune Flail, Cynic, were helping Kom’var begin to turn the tide of the battle to his favor! Then the Baal-Rog scored a critical blow and shoved his flaming sword into chest of the Minotaur defender! He threw him and the embedded blazing brand at the Dark Priestess’ now cloven hoofs!

Reader’s Note: I should point out that the bad minotaurs had cloven hoofs where good ones appear to have more human features including the feet as well. While this observation is not thoroughly tested, it is interesting. Some scholar could make a name for themselves were they to learn the truth of it!

Then came the savior he needed as Luur’na Priestess of Modeus raised her runestaff to strike a mortal blow! 1st Mate and acting captain of Rogtilda – Jershon strode into center of town from the far side of the dark duo, “KOM’VAR I COMMAND YOU TO ROLL AWAY AND STAND UP!”

I looked and ignoring all of the pain young Kom’var did exactly as Jershon commanded!


Even though it was burning his hand he did exactly that! Which had a startled look on both faces of the Minotaur and the Demon! When the Demon waved his hand making the sword disappear! Kom’var simply swapped Cynic, the rune flail to his free hand once more and continued the assault!

“DON’T JUST STAND THERE EBONBLAZE!! KILL THAT HOOMAN,” shouted Luur’na in a raging elvish quip!!

The bronze skinned Baal-Rog turned to see Jershon cross his arms each holding a sword and smiling. Flexing his flame cracked black wings he began to advance and Jershon waited, smiling till he got to the fountain’s ruined form before shouting, “NOW!”

From two other roof tops a single practitioner of magic stood fro each and both of them unleashed lightning from scrolls that burned up in their hands as the magic took effect! The dual blasts removed the demon’s right arm and wing! The very air felt as though it had been burnt and my nostrils were recoiling from the smell of sizzling demon flesh. Between the damage dealt by Kom’var over the last several rounds of their encounter and losing nearly a third of its form via a surprise attack it began to cloak itself in mystical invisibility. One of the roof top magic users pointed as Luur’na was lifted by an unseen force. The other rooftop magic user fired off what became a giant ball of blue flame. My studies told me this was a spell that delivered cold to its target rather than fire as a freezing burn!

Good grief it was spectacular watching the explosion of azure fire with exploding ice crystals instead of sparks! Luur’na fell from the invisible Demon’s grasp and crumpled unceremoniously onto the ground. There was a tear in the sky and transparent warbled outline of the demon passing through it as he left this world! A small flask fell to the ground next to Luur’na and she snatched it up with mounting fear. While she was distracted Jershon ran up and got Kom’var to come with him. Luur’na drank the contents of the flask and began to hover a few feet off the ground! A flying potion! Crying out as she fled via mystical flight she made her intent clear, “IMPOSTER! YOU WOULD ROB ME OF MY REVENGE! THE ISLAND WILL BURN AND ALL THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW IN ITS WAKE!!!! PREPARE FOR OBLIVION!!!”

The battle up till now could have gone either way, but Kom’var was the distraction everyone needed to flee the wrath of the attackers! Truly wonderful to watch someone rise to the occasion and survive their crucible! Stupendous! Three others joined Jeshon in the center of town, captains of the three other ships I mentioned above.

  • Wearing a green long coat with silver otters embroidered along the edges was Harry Lamrith, captain of “The Cutter’s Wail”, cousin to Geoffrey Lamrith of Bizantium, whom is the ruler of the Me’zfii Onh colony.
  • Decked out in blue and gold clothing of fine make with a expensive Dwarven-made Cutlass at his side upon a baldric with steel scales giving it the illusion of dragon hide was Aldus Arachosson, the first child of the Duke of Aracho, and captain of “The Noble’s Wench.” The ship was named for his mother a Priestess of Isis that fell in love and had Aldus out of wedlock! Being illegitimate knocks him out of the line of succession but has been useful in his merchant endeavors by having access to certain nobles most captains don’t. He has been on retainer with the Gold Coast Trading Company for some time in Peningshir.
  • Wearing a reds and gold, lots and lots of gold (rings, amulets, and a golden rod/truncheon). Was the half wizard turned mariner, Ares Traverius Kossig, the legitimate seventh son to Ormod Kossig, the ‘High Wizard of Upper Kighfalton‘ and mystical advisor to Regional Overlord, Skluud Ne’klosh, of Upper Kighfalton! Captain of “The Faithful Turtle.” Captain Ares was one of the rooftop magic users that had cast the lightning at the demon using a scroll he had on his person.

Captains Ares, Lamrith, Arachosson, and First Mate Jershon were discussing the events and what could be done. Captain Ares and Jershon laid to rest the most prevalent fear. That painting the ships black and giving them blood red sails did not make them Demon Black Ships! While that clearly made everyone (me as well from my roof top vantage) feel better they were still out numbered one and a half ships to one at 6 to 4, what was more important is that none of the captains had heard about a small fleet of black ships sailing the waters in the last six months. The attackers were all using Eastern Mercantile ships that had been outfitted with ship to ship and ship to land weapons (ramming prows, ballista, catapults, etc.). Jershon mentioned running across a single Western ship that actually had an enchantment to hide the ‘crew’ aboard it and make appear as a ghost ship near the Floenry Isles. Out of all of them only Jershon had access to an enchanted boat but all of them agreed that magic that could change the color of a ship’s hull and sails did not seem so far fetched.

Some of the monks of the Library approached to inquire about the status of the threats. The four ship commanders informed them of the blockade and that even if they are not heroes they are beholden to no tyrant! My heart jumped for joy at such a turn of events. Captain Harry Lamrith said he owed a debt to Redbeard for helping them during a trip and towing them to shore. He had promised Captain Overkill to never talk about it but he would run the blockade and divert their forces in a chase around the north side of Y-Oda because of the treacherous waters between this island and Xy. The others nodded in agreement and Captain Aldus promised cover fire to make it look at though we “needed” the ‘Cutter’s Wail’ to escape. Captain Harry then asked for a favor, “Ares, if I trade you a mage for some of those lightning scrolls would that be acceptable?”

Captain Ares raised an eyebrow, “Aye, but whom’s the mage?”

Nilirarud Fredradaud, a former member of the Redbeard I was taking to Sinza after hearing about the call for the crew in the southern lands,” replied Captain Harry.

Jershon perked up and mentioned the mission that Bennu had placed upon Overkill and began asking about other names. Captain Aldus said he would send over one of his spare riggers for she was Hanelanteer Maingais. All he asked in return was a good word put in for him with the current king of Timiro. Jershon nodded and said he would have Father Indaris deliver the message.

Captain Ares agreed and reached half his arm into a small pouch on his side. Clearly a wizard’s bag from the looks of it when he pulled out 6 scroll tubes chained together. Looking at Captain Harry as he handed them over, “Send over the mage and be quick about it I don’t feel we have a lot of time.” Harry nodded in affirmation. Ares then looked at Jershon and told him if they survived he’d encourage his first mate, Kenox Of Quin-Cypress, to come over and make the trip back. All of them turned and assured the monks they would not let the island or the Great Library fall. Then fortified by mutual self preservation and a defiance of tyrants did the four ship commanders make their way to their vessels. The last thing I overheard from that conference was Jershon thanking the gods for putting him in contact with three ships that had ex-Redbeards upon them. Now all they had to do was survive.

I climbed down and began helping with the food being sent out to the ship because no one knew how long this fight would last. I stuck a few items I had acquired over the years on each ship so I could see and hear what would happen during the battles. While on board the ‘Noble’s Wench I thought I recognized one of the sailors. There was definitely something about his face I had seen before, but for now it would have to wait.

I made sure to let Jershon know about my mystical items and he lashed his set to the wheel’s mast so I could see and hear what he saw and heard. I presented him with 30 magical pigeon scrolls so we could stay in contact and help direct the fight. The First Mate was grateful and had the back up helmsmen, Attel, stay with him so he could break free and use the scrolls as needed. Then he made me march over with him and explain to the other captains what I had done. Ares chuckled at the sneaky nature of the help and Aldus said he got to keep the items after the battle was won. Ares nodded and told me had the intent not been good intentioned then he’d have cut my balls off and hung them by the main mast! At that moment I wasn’t sure if being the Chronicler of the Books would not pass to Lady Torchwood, so I gulped visibly in acknowledgement. Captain Harry then turned to Jershon and referred to him as Commandant Jershon to which the other captains nodded. So that is how Rogtilda became the flagship of the fleet.

With haste my return was made to my vantage atop the inn belonging to Auntie Ev and concentrated on each set of Eye Tiles and Ear Tiles upon the ships. I sent word via one of the kids in town shouting at him as many of the people came back to the homes, to go and find Brother Rrgrllaph and tell him I need my “GO BAG!” Off the boy scampered with a sweet tart from the inn as payment. Maybe a quarter of an hourglass past the 18th bell of the day when I could see that the six ships had made their blockade formation and one of the ships had a clear surprise they were using as an added threat. Messages were being delivered by a Gryphon!

I saw Kom’var point and through the tile I heard him exclaim, “Oh I got this Commandant! You say the word and I can take that Gryphon out of the fight!” Elven feet seems impressive but no size could contain the exuberance he was displaying at getting to be a hero like Xerx’ses. It was heartening to watch him the way it was to see Xerx’ses bring a level of sportsmanship back to the games.

As dusk began to settle on the day and the sun was beginning to hang low behind our unwanted guests, they made their move and six catapults released flaming shots over our defenders. I watched helplessly as those flaming pieces of wrath came barreling at me and other buildings of the town. As though the sun was hanging just overhead did one of the flaming blasts just miss Auntie Ev’s and slam into the now even more destroyed fountain in the center of town! One hit a residence on the far side of the town and bell began ringing as the Wolfen and Humans began to work a bucket brigade to stop fires as they were happening. Using flags in a rather deliberately visible way Rogtilda signaled Cutter’s Wail and was signaled back and the began its run of the blockade!

FIRE ! FIRE !! FIRE !!! The cry went out from behind me and part of the fields out side of the town were ablaze and unless they could be stopped farms and eventually the Library itself would be at risk. The moment had finally come when all of the Guardians were off making the grand gesture to reunite the Seed Libraries of the former Prime Incubala to Bletherad for it to become the Mersenne Incubala. Our world was indeed a flame with the hatred of ignorance and bigotry! Only with Humans and Wolfen, Elves and Dwarves working together would we see the dawn through the darkest night the scholar’s world and all the educated of Palladium would ever see!!!

Focusing I turned my attention to the Bay of Bletherad as chaos rained down around me! ‘The Cutter’s Wail’ was trading arrow fire two LIGHTNING BOLTS back and forth banked hard to starboard and headed north. The sun was hitting the horizon casting the bay in molten gold and soon black hulled ships would be covered and cloaked in the night! Nilirarud, the ex-Redbeard upon the ‘Faithful Turtle’ was on the ship closet to the enemy and began tossing simple light spells up to keep the raiders in view. Undaunted by the light the villainous brigands raise their flags three of them were a Multi-Horned Skull with fangs! This marked the ships allied to Modeus. One of them was a skeletal hand holding golden coins, and I knew that to be Charun, Demon Lord of Obession and Ambition. Knowing the connection he has to, Anubis the Betrayer of Osiris, I am sure the Dark was not without motivation or at least support in this endeavor. Finally, the last two raised flags displaying a wolf’s head holding a scroll. This marked them as the Zealotry and that symbol was used by group dedicated to Chantico during the Millennium of Purification! At last the mad dog of the heavens rears his head!

Reader’s Note: If you support Demonic worship or the Dark you are siding with those that support ignorance, hate and bigotry! Only together will we build a brighter future!

Another volley of flaming catapults fire but there are only four shots as the Charun ship and one of the Modeus ships begin to give the ‘Cutter’s Wail’ chase. From the bay I can hear rhythmic chanting of, “BURN, BURN, BURN” over and over. This will be the longest night of the Great Library in this age, and….
….sorry my quill slipped as the boy I sent for my ‘Go Bag’ has climbed the ladder to join me with said bag, I asked his name and he said it was Mollinur. He told me Brother Rrgrllaph was helping with the fires and he was to stay with me. He just clutched a bag about his neck and started to rock back an forth. When I asked what the bag was for he said a Quorian Dreamseer showed him two futures and this bag reminded him why he was sitting on a roof that could ignite at any minute. Deciding to not press the issue any further I handed him some food from the bag and got out my strap of healing, or a bunch of healing potions I kept on a bandoleer in case of injury. This was clearly not the same boy I sent for the bag but he is the one that brought it to me and I won’t question gratitude at this juncture.

For the next four hours I watch three of the four remaining ship hurl their flaming volleys but another of the Modeus flagged ships was working on putting fires out due to the constant hammering by the ballistas of the “Noble’s Wench” engaging in pass after pass and with a crew that could hit twice per pass! From the Eye Tile and Ear Tile on that ship I finally pieced together the sailor I had seen, it was Sir Palomedes of the Knights of Dawn! His clothing and lack of armor threw me for a bit and I had to wonder if this was penance be it self-inflicted or handed down by the order. A knight acting as a mere sailor and yet his knowledge of war machines was making the “Noble’s Wench” a force to be feard as they had destroyed the catapult on one ship and were now working on setting it ablaze!

Turning my attention to “The Cutter’s Wail” I saw them make hard port-side turn to deliberately hit the ram prow from the side of the Modues Flag ship that had been chasing them! Sustaining heavy damage they tore the ram STRAIGHT OFF and the demon flagged ship began to take on water fast! It was a daring and stupendous move only capable by a Bizantium Captain! Knowing they could not make the heavy seas Captain Harry told his crew to brace for another impact on the port broadside! I was nearly shaken from my vision when everything around me became hot and I thought it was the end but there stood the child, Mollinur, his hand outstretch and holding a mystical wall of magical energy over us that had just bashed by a DIRECT HIT from one of the enemy catapults!!! He had just saved my life and any questions I had about his motives washed away on the tides. Turning my gaze back to Captain Harry I saw him in just enough time to see him finish his wheel maneuver and ram his port-side into the Charun Flagged ship’s Starboard side! REPEL BOARDERS ! REPEL BOARDERS !! REPEL BOARDERS !!! the dark ship crew began calling out as “The Cutter’s Wail” began to storm the enemy ship!

The lookout for the “Rogtilda” was keeping Commandant Jershon informed of every ship and clearly had worked out a system for designating which vessel was doing what. She had managed to informed Jershon fast enough when a catapult nearly targeted the “Faithful Turtle” to warn it via the magic pigeon scroll and ruin the shot. The mages aboard the faithful turtle had using their magicks to ruin the sails on all the ships making their maneuverability very hampered. The 23rd bell had just passed when Eyes called out that she saw the “Cutter’s Wail” locked and on fire with the Charun Flagged ship! Captain Aldus and “The Noble’s Wench” banked the now failing blockade and made sure the ships trying to turn and help their fellows attack the Bizantium Cutter were blocked from doing so and he continued his multi ballista assault of their hauls.

Captain Ares called out for boarders of one of the Zealotry Flagged ship as the “Faithful Turtle unleashed three flying carpets and 18 of her crew to land and take the ship by force! In response the Gryphon was set loose and not few seconds later was on the run from Kom’var in his pale gray colored Gryphon form giving it chase! They rose and swooped between masts and sails with the screeching cries of the beasts they were. I can’t but picture that Kom’var was toying with the beast because he loved flying and I had heard him say so many times before today. When the gray Gryphon began to shoot fiery bolts of mystic energy from its eyes that I knew “playtime” had ended.

The bell for high-moon rang out as it was now the 3rd of Pegasus. The catapult volleys had finally stopped and the fires were being contained. Teams were still monitoring them as they burned, but the rest of the town had come to watch and cheer for their defenders, both noble and common alike. These brave souls that did battle to preserve the written word from perishing off the face of the world! The a BOOM was heard from “The Cutter’s Wail” and the Charun Flagged ship it was lashed to! A wave of black mystical energy rolled out followed by two waves of fires catching everything ablaze! From the Tiles for the Eyes & Ears I could see Captain Harry tossing and helping his crew overboard! Then I watched him and his one of the crew that refused to leave steer both ships into one of the Zealotry Flagged ships! They rammed it with the last bit of energy and I watch Captain Harry and the shipmate die at the wheel when they took out the hual of the ship ahead of them! The three vessels the brave Bizantine Captain alongside his ship mate had sank to the dark watery grave that awaited them! His valor and courage in the face of death removed three of the six ships making the fight even! A few minutes later Kom’var had ripped the throat out on the Gryphon and tossed it to the waters below! Now aerial advantage was on our side! Jershon kept pigeons flying as Attel maintained the wheel and Eyes watched the enemy from her perch.

Joining the fray was the “Rogtilda” as each of the vessel closed the gap to begin boarding the vessels! By this time Captain Ares had loss one the six man flying carpet teams to the enemy but by the 3rd bell of the day had claimed the ship and dismantled the ward meant to sink the ship should it be taken. What had surprised me was the ferocity of its cook which led the boarding party wielding a knife and a cast iron pan as a shield! As Annie the Cook crested plank leading to the other ship she sent one attack to the waters from a crushing face blow via that same pan! She blocked another strike on her teammate Jinx, and shanked the foe with her dagger. Assisted by Crow and Stef they paved the way for the whirlwind of their six-armed Jeridu rigger, Zorrus, to clean up any and all left behind! The missing crew member ,Honeysuckle, one of Captain Overkill’s lovers from the old days was in the Great Library giving birth during all of this!

Captain Aldus was having a difficult time with the boarding of his ship when the pigeon came calling for him to retreat and pull back. He manged to only lose a tenth of his crew in the raid on the enemy vessel. The enemies that survived the assault only made up half of the original number. The fourth bell of the day had sounded when Commandant Jershon gave the order to use the last of the diamond dust! I had no idea what that meant until the “Rogtilda” lifted out of the water!!! Captain Ares drew the “Faithful Turtle” and his captured ship away just in time for a broad side ramming run in the air from the yellowwood flagship! The “Rogtilda” slammed into the first ship nearly tearing her in two and landed on the ship holding out against the boarding party of “The Noble’s Wench” as it vessel now beneath it sunk doing much damage to the Rogtilda in the process Annie the Cook and the rigger Hanelanteer Maingais somehow ended up on the “The Noble’s Wench” together and helped Sir Palomedes fire the catapult at the other ship finishing breaking it in twain screaming for “VENGEANCE” the whole time. The Mariner Knight dubbed catapult with the moniker I described above.

The town cried out praises from the docks when it became clear knowledge had won and soon when the light of dawn struck. Under the watchful “Eye of Ra” did rescue efforts begin for all of those knocked overboard. When “The Noble’s Wench” docked a beam of light struck the deck and hovering there was a Phoenixi of Bennu! I turned to try and show Mollinur but the child mystic was nowhere to be found. The Phoenixi presented Sir Palomedes with a surcoat of the Knights of Dawn and said his self-imposed exile was over. The self-flagellate knight took the garment and no one could argue his worth as he bedecked himself in the cloth of his calling.

Let this be a warning to all that learning, knowledge and wisdom do not come without the price of those willing to ensure a brighter future for the world. Revel in the day with these heroes, rejoice and send what aid you can so when evil strikes again we shall be ready!

Seize The Day!

Rod Rambler

Witnessed first hand by Rod Rambler upon the 2nd & 3rd of Pegasus. Sent to every friend Rod Rambler knows, ALL OF THEM!

All art done by AZ_RUNE.

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