Be Careful

A Mother’s Worry


First you tell me you are joining a war in that Human Waste Dump, then you say you have met a God, and that he was ” a cool guy for a god.”

YOUGETYOURBUTTBACKHOMERIGHTNOWYOUNGLADY!! You are not even a decadear yet!! You have not thought any of this through at all, have you??

Of course you don’t think that there is a faerie replacement for bread and milk- you had not finished your magic studies! Always running around the woods playing Wood Goddess!! Young child, you will end your existence with your penchant for rushing off into everything non-fae!!

I am worried about you, and your choices. Please come home so we can better prepare you- then you can go galavanting with Normals….

Your Mother

Sent to Hannah through U’Selekma on the 28th of Gryphon.
Picture by Charlotta Bavholm.


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