Bells, Rings and Flowery Things

To my Mela en’ coiamin

I thank you for your thoughts for me on my birthday, it was indeed a strange day that somehow my Friends managed to prove that no matter how weird or awesome your last birthday party was, someone can always come up with something better. When the fates decree that we meet face to face again I will give you the finer details but the party had me laughing like I haven’t since before I got chosen, and had me bouncing off the ceilings blowing bubbles (I expect Hannah might of had her hand in this, but it was so much fun I didn’t want to find out).

We have had sad times with friends leaving or passing to Ma’ip so the was all the more fun, as we were making the best of what we had when we could. It shows that nothing can stop good people no matter how much the Dark tries.

If you need anything from me, and I mean anything, send a message through Father Philip and he will make sure the message gets to me and I will do what I can.

Cormamin niuve tenna’ ta elea lle au’, so I drew a picture of you to hold close to my heart.

Lissenen ar’ maska’lalaith tenna’ lye omentuva

Written by Indaris Excellar on the night of the 6th

Poem from Isilidilme
Awesome pic of Nara by krzysztof20d


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