Beware of Your Father

Prophetic Warning

OOC Note: This was received by Caminata before entering Darla’s.


I have enlisted the aid of Devacious to send you a warning. As you may or may not know he is aware of the location of all Master Druids. Your father, Dispater, is now leader of the evil sect of were-shamans. They were prevented from seeing me, attacking me, or kidnapping me by the good group of heroes protecting the Vequerrel, led by the good Sallowan Willowwatcher and his band. There was no fight- only a message- ”I will prevent Sadafi’s daughter from completing my work.”

I can never despair or regret my union with your father, for it produced you, the jewel of my soul, but I am afraid for you! Devacious has told me that your father wanders the forests of the Disputed Territory looking for the Millennium Tree, but I am afraid that he may be coming for you directly!

Be on your guard in any forested area! Remember to pay close attention to any dark animal, for in them they prefer to take form. Jungles as well! I hate that now you will no longer feel comfort in any region, for I know that you also dislike the cities.

Be safe my darling! Keep your messages coming, for they let me know your safe!

Your mother, with love and fear,

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