Bigoted Fears & Returning Friends

Dear Bishop Tutu,

This missive is being sent to you because I am in genuine concern for my friend, Xerx’ses, or Osiris’ Unyielding Strength. I’ve watched his growth with amazement, but a hand is being dealt to him that vexes me. The morning of 14th of Gryphon we were making our way to the ‘Foodfenhall’ aboard Rogtilda before we set sail for his final voyage. Without warning we were all yanked into the Ma’ip around a table of sitting interspread among the Pantheon of Ra and across from the Pantheon of Taut which had an equal number of ReSet among them in clear view of each other!

Then Set very angrily pointed out that Xerx’ses had been elevated to Demi-God and he was unhappy that while not expressly forbidden it did change the nature of the engagement. I will never get tired of seeing an 11 foot tall Minotaur get bashful and begin looking at all of CrIsis shaking his head and mouthing he had no knowledge of such a spell! With his skin now changed he blushes a deep crimson when embarrassed! When Ra and Set finished angry negotiations Set actually turned his gaze upon us and asked if we objected.

Books be damned I am just happy I didn’t void my bowels then and there. None of us did object to any member of either group being elevated when it could be deemed worthy! I am having a hard time writing about this and even believing it. Oh heavens I almost forgot that Jidian Kulder had been summoned and was on our side! I am sure our adventures will be detailed by the others when we make it to Credia, and shortly thereafter, WIsdom. We are about to reach Haven to resupply and then we should be in Credia by the 19th of Grekar if the flying enchantments hold. I shall try to visit you upon the Festival of Apis. However, the crux of this missive is why I may be late.

Can there be any doubt as to the strides Xerx’ses has made in being accepted among those that wish most of his kind dead, and at his own words “with good reason.” We have been summoned to the Tri-Arcanum Guild in order to elect the next Weaver Master of that guild. Xerx’ses is going to try and make it be him! I don’t want to stifle his zeal but mages can be powerful and possess equal bigotry to match because of their power. If they don’t elect someone willing to pledge to the light, I will turn in my membership and caution the Golden One to come back to Timiro and perhaps try and join the Land’s End Institute. They would be fools to let a former Double-Lopaniad, arch-mage, and now Demi-god just go.

Much is afoot. All I know is more legends will be created when Jidian Kulder shows up to aid CrIsis on behalf of Isis’ hand.

Blessings of She of Countless Names upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the 14th of Gryphon in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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