Bizantium, For the People

Defeat the Great Evil

Dear My Friends in CrIsis,

The war has taken a heavy toll, mostly for the people of Bizantium. The horrible news is that King Wilgan, I am sure actually Fala, have aligned themselves with Terosh. The foul creatures, the Iceborn, have taken all the coastal cities, and the small islands, including my beloved Sinza. The ones loyal to me and the ones loyal to Bizantium as an independent nation have all rallied here at Stonebrook. Many Innocents have been killed and continue to be slaughtered. The Pyramids at Lyrna, Inner Cadeth, and Gate Fort are all safe, but surrounded. There is still a high price on your head.

Terosh has retired to his Hideaway for some unknown purpose. Our only hope is that you can kill him while he is there. I have received a message from both Carl and the good Chieftain that you were on your way there.

May the blessings of Isis be with you.


Sent on the 9th of Corg by the former King of Bizantium, Minischmee, with assistance by the blessed Pontiff, U’Selekma.


Picture from Platform Nation.


5 Responses to “Bizantium, For the People

  • C’mon Minishmee, if we wanted to broadcast to everyone that we were on our way then we would’ve written you and told you so ourselves. For you to write us and tell us you know we’re coming just serves to tell the enemies where they can find us.

    • While I agree, the notion that they didn’t already know we’re on our way is laughable. We’re the bull in the China shop. Pun intended. What they don’t know it’s how we’re going to arrive. There’s where we still have the upper hand.

    • The books also alter locations, and in this case you will definitely be gone before this is published.

      • The books may alter the locations and such, plus be published long after we left, but what if the letter is intercepted (as we know they are)? That’s where the concern comes from.

  • Well at least we have an indication of What Fala is up to. I wonder if some of Her(The Kings) loyal followers will defect, or at least develop a resistance, with the announcement, for surely they know that the Iceborn and Tersoh are just pure evil

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