Blessed be the Light

Great Apis,

Thank you for all the blessings of my life. Today a Kankoran and two Coyles managed to sneak up on me, but their stealth did not go unnoticed by the rest of CrIsis. Their travels through your great works which the Necromancer attempts to corrupt was a great reminder to me of what a child I have been. Through complacency I have let my own skills slide. A lesson which others have also tried to teach me. I should have been the first to notice them, not the last! Oh Wise Mother, I will heed this lesson.

The unnatural undead which have taken over this area are a blight upon the wonder and beauty of the forest. It draws dark creatures and upsets the natural order. Yet still I can see the power of nature struggling to overcome and persevere. I know first hand how resilient Your works are. Even in this state they provided us with more than adequate shelter and life. We are truly blessed.

It is through Your support and the support of your fellow Gods that the Great and Just Osiris could visit us upon the dawn of His festival and bless us with His gift. A gift which has proven most useful as we seek to cut out the heart of this monstrous infestation. I give thanks and praise to You, Great Apis, and to all the Gods of the Light: Mighty Ra, Just Osiris, Lady Isis, Wise Thoth, Noble Horus, Fierce Bennu, Carnal Bast, Wild Khonsu, and even the newly Pure Bes. I am honored to be counted among all your great champions in this quest.

O Kindest of the Gods, I have a fear that more innocents will suffer before we can succeed in this mission. CrIsis must succeed against this Necromancer but I worry about the fate of those innocents we had to leave behind. We were unable to help them as we passed through this graveyard of walking corpses. Will the Dark magic of the Necromancer cause them to suffer and die? This weighs heavily upon my heart but will not stop me from doing my part in ending his threat to the world.

I ask not for Your help – You have done so much already! By Your grace and leave, I will do everything in my power to make sure this Necromancer causes no more suffering after today. This I swear to you, Great Mother, and so swear upon the Demigod of Oaths as well.

Great Mother, we have found him. Blessed be the Light.

Note: A prayer from Silent Dream to Apis on the 1st of Corg, delivered silently as he descended the stairs to face Steve with No Name and Heebo.

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8 Responses to “Blessed be the Light

  • So cool to have any member of Crisis still be positive

    • It isn’t easy!

    • What…Isn’t Ursus positive? Well he’s positive he knows something…maybe?

  • I love the use of a “prayer” to convey the events that have transpired. Great literary device.

    • I shall have to try that in my next log. Prayer logs don’t have to be the purview of Indaris alone.

      Noted 🙂

      • Ursus has done lots of “Prayer” logs to Khonsu and other Gods

    • I’ve got a bunch of half-written notes which are prayers I’ve started for Dream that I don’t get to finish before we move to a new situation. He’s a lot more religious than I’ve been able to play him.

      Plus, I got to make an oath on Xerx’ses.’s name. I’ve been waiting for a good time to finally do that and this seemed like as good a time as any!

  • And remember prayers don’t have to be just indaris and grignak in game either.

    Good log sir

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