Bon Voyage


Dear First Mate, Schmittee Me,

Snapping back to old habits was a blessing. Being Merd was wearing on me. I am not someone to be timid and the open sea was nice. Two more people joined us before we left, a short super smart guy named Chu and a ranger from the Eastern Territory called Cava. At any rate, when we launched things were fine. It wasn’t until day two that we realized that all we had was our rations and a little water. Nothing else for the trip. That lead to a detour, which turned out to be much needed as we were attacked by sea creatures and pirates (I’ll explain later).

When we boarded the ship in Y-Oda the appearance of Matilda had changed. Now keep in mind I have only known the ship for a couple of days but I got acquainted with it prior to getting to the Library of Bletherad so I knew somewhat what it looked like on the inside. Before we got to the Library there were no cabins. Now there were cabins, and on the doors carved in the solid yellow wood (the toughest stuff for wood I know) was our names on our own rooms. Something is definitely up.

We traveled a bit and were jumped by several sea serpents (almost drowned) and that was not the amazing part. What really impressed me was (not to toot my own horn but…) when we came across pirates, well the first group of pirates (what losers) had only one ship. After spanking them and taking their money we let them go. But the second group outnumbered us four to one! They had the upper hand but I wondered if my role as Captain Overkill was going to hold merit. So I raced to my bunker and grabbed my flag that I keep with my stuff and hoisted it on the main sail. There was an uneasy pause. Then one by one the ships gave us the white flag. Amazing! The priest wanted us to take advantage of the situation with that fancy weapon of ours on the front of our ship. I voted ‘Nay’, and it turns out the rest of the crew also agreed with me.

When we got to Haven to resupply, the Church of Light and Dark put us up in a real ritzy place. Everyone was kissing butt (not even sure why). Best night of sleep I ever had. In the morning this guy wants us to see his sister; some grand priestess. Most of us (save that short guy Chu) say “Sure”. Then she has the audacity to cancel the appointment. Well the thing got rescheduled and while we were waiting to get lunch with her we traded some goods and got a serious merchant note (10,000 Crown; Eastern Gold). Next thing I know we are selling the parts of the serpents we killed to buy magic beans (or were they beads) from an alchemist. Well we agreed as the things were magic and that would benefit us for the both the priest (who I sort of like) and our arrogant mage (who I am glad that I share the same side with). I have never seen a mage giddy with glee before over beans but there was a first for everything, and Chip was giddy. I can honestly say that as long as I have been on the waters of Palladium I have never seen that.

Got to get back, they are calling us to meet the priestess.

Posted by Overkill on the 18th day of Grekar, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.


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