Book of the First Sinner

A Brief Note From Ley-Rhy

Man With No Name-

Its funny that ye mention this Book Brother No Name. For I once read of a book with a similar title. It was called _The Book of the Sinner’s Bride_. I remember reading about this book in an ancient tome which I found in the old Library of Woelfenbrüt. This obviously was before it was destroyed. The research book was one of a kind; hand written with curious penmanship. Yes, and as I think of this book, _Tolomorth’s Forbidden Indexes: Secrets of Necromaeic Texts, Legends, Locations_, I do remember _your_ book having been mentioned in its pages.

Though I am not one to prepetuate the spreading of important information by any means, I feel that I can trust ye with this knowledge, Death Knight. Tolomorth’s book may prove to be most informative in completing your quest. I have a strong premonition that the book was not lost when the Library of Woelfenbrüt was sacked. The locals may know the whereabouts of some of the books of Woelfenbrüt. From what I recall, it once resided near the City of Avramstown.

We, the Guardians of Knowledge, have recovered the Seba book at the Seed Library in the city of Caer Itom. It’s title:is _”The Halo of Zai: Reaching Perfection”_. The Seba words are:
a, bird, ring, any

We are now off to Lopania to recover the last of the books that we promised to recover for you. You must take care of the ones in the North, as you are going there on your quest.

May the Goddess guide ye,

Your Friend,

Ley-Rhy, Scholarly Monk of Moonfast

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