Checking In

Greetings unto thee, Bishop Tutu,

Something has definitely changed in the Oathkeeper.

Today, I saw him truly happy without a care in the world! I am not sure what brought it on but his happiness is not the reason for this update it was his confidence! It all changed after our visit to the Great Tree of Life. He has stopped asking for items for himself and talks to me about thinking in centuries rather than years. He has aspirations of a single set of laws to govern the world so that all peoples are treated fairly. He said it was the idea of an ancient philosopher he read that gave measure to the thought of a global codex of laws making his job of enforcing the oaths that come from the adherence of the law easier.

He doesn’t see that in a small way his immortality and Demigod nature has started to shape the way he thinks. It appears on the surface to be naive and short sighted, but he asked me if it appeared that way because of a mortal’s time frame? What if he had a few centuries to study how he might implement his plan. Then stretched it out in phases over the next thousand years? Would anyone even notice it happen? When we were at the Great Tree of Life he got a chance to speak with an Elf and Dwarf that had come to the tree during the Elf-Dwarf War! Almost every single question to the Elf talked about how he was trained in ancient times, how society effected changes to reflect the world evolving around them. What processes did they use to illicit the positive results for their society? What did the Elf & Dwarf think of art and what shaped their views of beauty and age?

It was the first time I realized I didn’t know what he was thinking and I was worried.

In the pursuit of fairness and truth when I first met him I started to think possibly most Minotaurs were short sighted and basic. Meeting Xerx’ses step-father, Elder Rostam Stonemace, I met a learned Minotaur that just happened to be a scholar in all topics related to war. He still scares me because of his intellect, and now Xerx’ses is beginning to exhibit signs of a similar growth in his thinking and approaches to things.

He is definitely smarter now.

This letter and the parts going forward are not a detraction of the greatness and his noble pursuits of bringing everyone to the light so they can make the choice to stand in it with him. It’s just a realization that the friend I knew is no more and I need to work to know the new friend I see now. Perhaps the best example of this is his reaction to our new guide, Nimaya. The elder, Chief Wayra, of Kanáta village asked her to guide us to Stonelogger and then onward to the entrance to the Sovereignty of Terosh. We all jokingly looked at Xerx’ses to see his reaction since he had promised his wife no more brides until after the baby and she got to approve of them. His stance alone told me he had noticed her and then Apis’ Luminary stepped forward and hit it off. I swear my friend might have been relieved by the turn of events, but seem to move forward as though a burden had been removed.

Grignak found out she is a not only is she a follower of Bast, but due to an incident in her past has a “No Troll or Orc” policy when it comes to anything more than friends. During that conversation Grignak tried to loop our horned friend in because he had found out Xerx’ses hears the next nine words mentioned after someone speaks his name! I suspect that it has to be a follower or member of CrIsis for that to work. What amazes me is a brief glimpse on the inner workings of how prayers may be received by the Gods themselves! Grignak soon became surprised when Nimaya asked if he might speak to Xerx’ses’ wife about permission to “play” with her husband. Xerx’ses just shook his head and mentioned something about his learning from Iana, that being friends first is crucial to having a lasting relationship. Nimaya’s face betrayed her intrigue at not getting her way with a male. Clearly, his lessons as a lothario from Lady Rhiana are paying off because the girl is now chasing him.

After seeing all the changes all I can keep thinking is…

…I’m glad he is on our side! I shudder to think what this enhanced version of the Golden One would be like if he were more selfish, or Ma’ip forbid, evil! We should all be grateful that redeeming his people back to the light is still his primary goal. Given the thoughts and time at his disposal. I now think he may be able to finally do it.

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent to Bishop Tutu upon the 7th of Corg.

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10 Responses to “Checking In

  • A glimpse at how prayer works…
    At the time I had not thought about that I was just trying to push the angle of getting people to become demigods with me.

  • Very cool insight!

  • Indaris is now going to try to get all the Worshipers of the light walking around saying “Set loves the cock” over and over.
    It will be palladiums first attempt at a direct denial of service attack (DDOS) 😉

  • You know who else has “aspirations of a single set of laws to govern the world so that all peoples are treated fairly”? Doctor Doom.

  • The Father is frightened by what a member of CrIsis has evolved into as a Demi-God, all the while on the cusp of becoming one himself. A bit of Irony. Someone may just have a letter to someone else same story but the Main character might be Indaris

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