Cheesy Poison

I flew over the crowd watching as the rain poured down putting out the fire. “We did it, buddy.” I pat Black Thunder on the back. We soar around while the group continues to be attacked below. “Let’s try to even this up a bit”, and I started casting a spell. After a few moments he finishes and several pieces of metal float up into the air. “That should help them!” We continue weaving around in the rain. Black Thunder squawks. “What do you mean look out?” Two arrows hit me right in the back and one bounces off. The poison seeps into my blood. I fall limp and weak to Black Thunders back. “Get me out of here buddy.” I whisper as the world begins spinning. It continues to spin for long while. Eventually I come to and my party is there next to me. Apparently Torrun and Merkl died to the would be assassins. We will not give them what they want which is acknowledgement. The group gathered together and quickly sailed away. They discussed the cowardly tactics of the ambush. In an open setting or with honor without poison they would not have stood a chance. A whole army can bring down any group no matter how powerful.

I offer my room up for an escape to gain divine insight. We partake of herbal refreshments and they stare in wonder as they gaze upon my mountain. We gather around Bilby and I ask the group if they are ready to be blessed by the presence of Mighty Eagle! Half the group eagerly awaited the other half did not. This included Torrun. As Mighty Eagle was summoned he could sense the doubt of Torrun, who quickly attacked him. Mighty Eagle grabbed Torrun and the mountain was torn asunder to reveal a beautiful Oceanside and adjacent rooms. Mighty Eagle flew off but eventually released Torrun to be returned to the ship. The gods have blessed us with insight. We must now head to Bizantium City for repairs. They work in mysterious ways.


Picture from Deviant Art – GameMaster666.


4 Responses to “Cheesy Poison

  • I think I love that Willy believes the debacle with Mighty Eagle was somehow all Torrun’s fault!

    • Torrun thinks Willy screwed up the spell and summoned a giant eagle. A giant eagle about to break the ship. None of Grignak’s blessing summon great birds or other foul things.

  • Foul on the fowl.

  • This is a very interesting “interpretation” of how events occurred after being back on the ship. Interesting indeed.

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