Concert of Import

A Tribute

Kids and cuties, I am back with the strangest column I will ever write! I was honored and privileged to attend the biggest recorded Concert, or music performance for you old schoolers, ever held! It was by Willy, the newest member of CrIsis, and held in the grand arena of Sekti-Abtu! Everyone that is anyone was there, and in fact, 99,000 souls were touched that awe-inspiring evening! It even featured everyone’s new hottie, Torrun, doing acrobatics with ribbons, shirtless! However, this report following is in tribute to Willy, and will be done in his style- Here you go!

There was a concert by Willy. It was awesome.

Until next time!
Helara Hoppner

Sent Palladium Wide by pigeons to all corners on the 26th of Gryphon.

Picture of Willy by our own AZ Rune





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