Conclave of Baalgor

Dear Bishop Tutu,

You might notice some gaps in our travels from when last we wrote you, I have asked the Unyielding Strength of Osiris to try and fill you in after we are teleported away from the far north.

Today is the *10th of Gryphon* and word has been spreading that the tribe Xerx’ses is from is en-route to the Adraodan Minotaur Tribe’s vast cavern network. I met Mada’zarn Waterstone, she is the only Minotaur that had found the grace of Isis among the over two-thousand Minotaurs in the Sandy Desert. I had no idea there were so many of them even alive, much less that they are all GOOD AND OF THE LIGHT!

Chieftain Rostam & Chieftain Xixin have been communicating via magic pigeon and the whole of the that tribe is coming to rescue Xerx’ses or aid him. Apparently, somehow Xerx’ses, or Osiris’ Unyielding Strength had his letter delivered nearly instantly! Now I think he REALLY hit it off with Laval’liere because no one has seen them all morning. Good grief he moves very fast for seeming so shy! Clearly his time in Sekti-Abtu was well spent.

Well, I am writing this in an ancient structure the Elves of the New Kingdom erected to honor graves of dead Minotaurs. Most of the complex has been destroyed when some massive creature called an Earthshaker move through here over the thousands of centuries along the epochs. Only this small portion of the complex remains of Baalgor created architecture. It has been converted to the Shrine of Light as there is a statue of an ancient Minotaur and an ancient Elf. I may be looking at the oldest known Elven faced statue of Isis! The marble is veined with actual silver and gold! I swear upon the goddess I am not lying!

It was Mada’zarn Waterstone that showed me the converted shrine. I was telling her I hoped the detachment of clergy from the holy city of Sekti-Abtu were coming along. She said if they did come we should hold a conclave to see how to further the cause of the Pantheon of Light in the Baalgor Wastelands. I thought it was a brilliant idea and we’re headed off to go and find the four other Clergy of Light within the rough hewn cavern network the Adraodan live among. I made this sketch to remember this ancient site and Sister Mada’zarn thinks this would be a perfect site for such a conclave.

It’s now evening on the *10th of Gryphon* and we are about to get started and I have been chatting with Jark Stonerush, a Minotaur priest of Horus for well over three hours about the “quick jaunt” Xerx’ses said he was on with Chieftain Laval’liere. They met the ancient Arch-Mage known as the Goblin King! It can’t be but the tales they relate can only be the same Goblin King from before and during the Great War!

…Through dangers untold. And hardships unnumbered. I have fought my way here to the castle; beyond the goblin city…
…he was a noted historical trickster and riddle smith and appears to have taken the younger brother of Chieftain Laval’liere when she complained the last night to the air that her brother was being a pest and sometimes she wished he’d be taken away for a fortnight. Apparently, the famous Goblin King has a realm and is still stealing children when the words are spoken! He then transforms them permanently in Goblins if they are not rescued in 13 hours! Brother Jark and some friends convince Xerx’ses (Bishop let’s be clear would you have to work hard to convince Xerx’ses to rescue a child? I think not) to come along and help. They rescued Laval’liere from bad Minotaurs, got through the infamous labyrinth, and fought their way through the goblin city, defeated the bad minotaurs, Xerx’ses performed the Duel Arcane with the Goblin King while the others saved the young bull-child. They just returned and tales are spreading like wildfire of his heroics! We ask him what happened and he just said it was a “quick jaunt” and that he’d fill us in later. Some thought he was being smug but I could see the signs.

He was overwhelmed and shy. It was like watching him reacting to a cheering crowd at the Lopanic Games all over again. I just got him to admit during the talks between the tribes that he wanted to let the others bask in the light after they were dubbed the Company of the Hexataur! He is so unassuming about every accolade that gets heaped upon him. He also said the Goblin King told him they were fated to meet again. Yet he tells me no one died on either side of this adventure! He refused to kill anyone because he was afraid of the ramifications if it wasn’t truly warranted.

Sister Mada’zarn is about to start I will write more tomorrow.

It’s now morning on the *11th of Gryphon* and last night was so full actions I will try to cover them all. First was the arrival of Chieftain Rostam, Chieftain Xixin and the Serinan Tribe. There was nearly a half hour of hugging between family and some of us in CrIsis. Since I have met Xixin and Rostam on previous occasions. Xerx’ses had let slip his idea of joining the tribes during the “quick jaunt” to Laval’liere. I might add ever since her return she has been looking at our good and dear friend with a different glance, love it would seem has sprung. The three chieftains and a select group of advisers are allowed to join the discussion surrounding joining of the tribe and Sister Mada’zarn along with myself inform everyone about the conclave we wish to have. When we are done it was asked that Cardinal Rothas, Sister Mada’zarn, and myself inform them of the results of the conclave. It is glorious that the Baalgor Clergy detachment came along. Cardinal Rothas reports to Bishop Lamriel due to geographical proximity, but has been under direct orders to reveal nothing about the tribe to anyone but the Pontiff and myself.

We return to the ancient chambers and hold the Conclave of Baalgor under the Elven-faced Isis statue. Including my presence that makes 39 clergy in attendance. 20 from the Adraodan, 12 from Sekti-Abtu, and 7 from the Serinan. After discussing the geographical sections of the Wastelands we collectively live in we begin discussing the problems facing us starting worship in this region of the world. Open and honest discussions are had about other Minotaur Tribes, Giants, Gromek, Orcs, Eandroth, Gosai, and Quorians as the major players among potential worshipers. Locations known to everyone involved are discussed and it seems Fort Etrinan was built to house 7,500 Minotaurs and 30,000 Dwarves together! Brother Linbrand one of three Elves in attendance mentions rebuilding Fort Etrinan into a second Shandala. Once it is made into an unassailable bastion for the faithful then begin spreading the word of the Light.

This idea is met with much favor and there is mention of Saraph’s recovery as it is a Holy Lightbringer Runestaff of Isis. Then talk turns to Xerx’ses recovering the rune items and punishing the ones that betrayed the tribe. Brother Jark then explains in great detail about the “quick jaunt” for everyone present and She’vanor, the youngest among the Serinan clergy stands carrying a round silver shield with “Eyes of Ra” etched around the rim with a different rune in each eye (there are 16 eyes in total), and says – nothing. Very quickly a number of heads bow and there is several minutes of silence. Then a voice in my head of Sister Mada’zarn mentioning the conversation was telepathic as the boy had his tongue removed and burned. He had become a priest because of the incident where his sister, He’vanova, died at the hands of Groun’na. The mute Minotaur priest allows the Adraodan to examine the shield it is revealed to be called “Farsight” when translated into Elvish. The power that has revealed itself so far was the power to see a few moments in a battle ahead of time and the option to choose one of two paths that appear better when the moment presents itself! She’vanor has a powerful gift and the conclave decides it should recommend joining the tribes to help put power such as this in the hands of the light. It is also decided to recommend abandoning these caves and returning to Fort Etrinan and make it a second Shandala.

Cardinal Rothas, Sister Mada’zarn, and myself leave and head over to the cavern where the leaders and their aids are discussing joining the tribes permanently. The current topic was the fact women actually outnumber men six out of every ten. The practice instituted is that men for this generation and the next are required to take two or three brides. In hopes this can return to a more balanced approach soon. However, a female that has agreed to such a pairing may only tie herself to one other male pairing group. It is agreed upon by Rostam and Xixin as there has been similar precedents in their tribe’s past. At this point we are asked to present our talking points and do so. Many of the advisers agree with the relocation plan and the naysayers are quelled when it is confirmed such space exists to accommodate a tribe three times that size, maybe even four or five times if the Dwarven units are converted and renovated! Then I finally saw Xixin’s adviser, Drak’u’san, was sitting at his right hand and then it struck me! Both of them were Paladins of Rurga! it was so nice to see him doing well. Xixin agreed when it was made clear that any proven church of the light or good deities would be given space equal to their contributions to the Fortress. Soon that was in agreement and then came the final matter of how to seal the arrangement. It was then I noticed Xerx’ses sitting in a corner seemingly excited to be among so many Minotaurs he was basking in NOT being in the spotlight!

Marriage was the agreed upon practice of sealing the bond between two tribes as everyone would then become Adraodan, which would prompt the relocation of the re-constituted tribe to Fort Etrinan, soon to be a shrine to all of the light! Now who would marry whom? Xerx’ses was talking to a few Minotaurs among them a younger female and male maybe 6 feet tall each of them. They must be Adio’Nisia and Lazal’dan, the younger cousin and younger brother of Laval’liere. When the female Chieftain stood and said she would wed Xerx’ses, the crowd in unison applauded and I thought Xerx’ses hit his head on the wall so hard he’d knock himself out! She asked Brother Jark to officiate and he asked for my help, to which I agreed and it was to be tomorrow afternoon on the 11th. Which means I need to wrap this letter up and help make Xerx’ses officially wed.

Till next time may the blessings of Isis be upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent after his arrival at the caves of the Adraodan Minotaur tribe. Upon 11th of Gryphon in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

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