Could You Help A Fellow Priest Out?

Well met my fellow follower of the light!
Good Father Donal,

In these turbulent times I am trying to bring good news to my friends and I hope this letter finds you hale and whole? Please be to bountiful Apis that it is so.

Both Osiris’ Unyielding Strength and Emperor Itomas are esteemed fans of Rod Rambler’s protege, Terramore Gleba. Since the last word of the commander of what was the Soldiers of the Torch placed him resting in Caer Itom. I was hoping you might be able to check in on him and tell him that CrIsis wish him well and miss his songs and valor.

It would appear that your premonitions to Azariel about having the world set aflame are indeed here. We have tried to spread better tidings as we move about the world, but I fear we are having little effect. Since we also travel to places of strife and tension it makes me wonder how quickly our naysayers will try to tie us to the events, not of our making?

Still ahead of us is another group of villains to be smote as they have helped in the desecration of Osiris. If you need to avoid any contact with us to maintain a position to check on the bard commander then send your reply to Bishop Tutu and either he can relay it or we can get from him when we see him next.

Well, back to making the world a better place for one and all.

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent on the 9th of Gryphon in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

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