Dear Grignak – Letter 2

Dear Grignak,

I’ve never sent a fan letter myself, although my wife has wanted me to for a long time. Mostly in the past she has wanted me to ask you about positions and such, you know, to spice up the bedroom.

Personally, I’ve always been one for the lotus position…but I’m getting myself off topic.

So, here goes: This whole quest thing for Osiris. Yeah, I know that CrIsis is by invitation only, but we all know you. You’re this fun loving teddy bear of a troll…

And that’s my question: How does being in CrIsis change you? Do you have to be more serious? Most of the books, as we’ve read, have a very, and dare I say it overly, serious tone to them.

Can you still be yourself there?

I hope so, because we’ve missed your weekly fan letters, my wife and I. Sure, I get that moving around as much as you do, it can be hard to keep up, and with the demands of your new job…

So, because my wife will never let me hear the end of it if we get a response to this letter and there’s nothing about it…can you describe for me some positions that my wife and I can try? We’re both human. I’m 22 and my wife is 31. We tried the whole whips and chains thing, but that wasn’t for us. My wife suggested ropes…but I have sensitive skin.

So, if you have some thoughts for us…

Mikhail in Caer Itom

Forwarded to Grignak via U’selekma.

Picture from The Quillcards Blog


7 Responses to “Dear Grignak – Letter 2

  • The plight of those with overly-sensitive skin is a serious one. If whips and chains no longer excite you, and you can’t be bound with ropes for your S&M, what can you do? These are the serious questions that demand answers.

  • This letter is so real- very well done!

  • “Ahh,” said U’Selekma, “now we are forwarding the love advice column for Helara Hopper’s new advice columnist – Dear Brother Grignak…”

    • That is a great idea!

      • Seriously, All of CrIsis could participate in an “advice column”. Grignak of course would be sex topics, Torrun could do cooking and brewing, No Name gardening of course, Merkl would give advice on disguises, Dream would offer tips on what NOT to do to get a girl, Ursus would provide general hunting tips of all beasts and beings.

  • Once you join CrIsis you must always be serious. You may only laugh at two jokes a week.

    • Then we are in trouble, because the last few sessions have been a lot of fun- in the recent side session I was probably averaging a laugh a minute…

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