Dearest Jarel

Dearest Jarel,

Please, hurry back to the Library, my love! There is much we need to discuss.

There is a strange man that has been researching Osiris and Anubis here in the Library, and started by looking in to all of the books you researched while here. He has an insignia on all of the clothing he wears, but will not answer when asked what it means. In fact, whenever any questions are posed to him he changes the subject quickly, or leaves. He doesn’t seem to be evil – and even has been heard speaking against the Pantheon of Taut – but he is also not of the Light. I have copied the insignia here, if you have someone that recognizes such things.

He has been heard talking to his ring, and addressing it by the name of Terosh. The only memory I have of this name is referring to a Kildred Earth Warlock I saw die over a century ago. This strange man carries a leather-bound Tome with the insignia embossed in its cover that I will send to you if I can get my hands on it – look at me, I’m not just a scholar now, I’m a thief and spy. What have you done to me, fair man?

My dearest love, I miss you. That surprised me. I thought I was fine by myself, alone through the centuries. I had prepared myself for it. I had planned on it. I was building my life on the foundation of solitary freedom. But now I see it for what it truly was… Solitary confinement. I understand that you had to leave, but your absence gives me pain every waking moment, and feverish nightmares while asleep.

My love, there is some news I have for you, and there is much to discuss. I have broken some barriers, and I think I know how to transfer all of Xarys into its own dimension. There is some reference to a dragon known to the mage ‘Slayer of Mountains.’ If I recall correctly you read somewhere – I think it was in a book you read in Malkin’s office or something – that CrIsis met the mage, and are a dinner with him. Do you think he still knows the dragon? And maybe i could get in contact with him?

I miss you like the sun misses the flower. It is strange, is been over month since I last saw your face – I have seen the new moon, but nothing of your beauty. It fills me with longing like the sickness to return to home and safety. You will stay in our suite, the one I bartered for. If crisis has an issue with that they can talk to Malkin, who will side with me.

Yours in truth,

>>Letter from Vesuvia on Grekar 10, in the 4th year of CrIsis, written by Ja’Deir, Ashada Mind Mage, disciple of Apis.<< >>Picture credit:Paint mock-up by Gaitkeeper.


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