Death, Love and Nara

No, Father Philip, I have learned so much spending time with a young and exuberant minotaur that falls prey to the hubris of youth, and as he is a 12ft Minotaur it is often easy to forget his age. I’ve come to realize the hardest thing for him to accept is the losses that go with leadership. Especially when he made the decision to save the Lawgiver’s Left Hand over everything else. In Sekti-Abtu at Khonsu’s a new temple, Xerx’ses had ritual scarring done to his back of the ship’s name – the Vequana.

”Well that is an uncommon method of absolution for certain, but it could have a lot to do his training as a wizard?” replied Father Philip.

”His master A’zad was harsh but fair according to Xerx,” Indaris replied, but it seems to have helped his mindset, hopefully he can accept now that we really are at war, and that there will be losses, and losses a very rarely acceptable but the best thing to do is to go on.

Father Philip tilted his head in thought and paused ”I read your letter twice, but do tell me about your death. Do you remember anything else?”

”No, nothing since yesterday. I do feel everyone seems upset Xerx’ses brought us here but he took the jokes about getting me married before I might die again very seriously. You should have seen how he helped shoot down a trip to the Baalgor Wastelands to see his Father. He still is trying to prevent himself any chance at love. After seeing Ja’Deir quit for love he is terrified he might fall in love.” Indaris rubbed the stubble on his unshaven chin.

”He keeps bugging you with confession because he is lonely isn’t he?” Father Philip’s head still tilted to the side.

”Yes. I thought he might have fallen for an elven courtesan in Sekti-Abtu. Azariel said we should be worried he would want to stay. I hit some of the taverns afterwards and found out she is the most powerful courtesan in all of Lopan. Turns out she is a fan of our young minotaur!”

”By Ra’s eye! So the joke is actually real!” Father Philip’s head still tilted to the side but eyes wide with shock.

”Yes. Though, this would only be the second elf he has ever been with, in fact the second female of any race, ever to my knowledge.”

”So he is trying to actually earn your favour and approval by giving you happiness in deference to his own. Because you have the love of an elf which is the only love he personally has a chance of knowing?” Father Philip’s head still tilted to the side now with a thoughtful stare.

”You know, he treated Asher this way before me. It will likely move on to Mack soon as he seems to gravitate to age and seeks the approval of those he sees as his betters. I will talk with Mack when the opportunity presents itself.”

”So you feel fine after being resurrected? Death has left no permanent scar then, and are still trying to go through with the marriage now?.

”I want Nara to have her time and reconnect with her parents, as she was violently taken from them and hasn’t had time to go back and make peace with what happened and with them, My friend was just trying to help out, but yes I still want to marry her, in due time as we planned.”


Indaris turned around to see Nara in time to get braced as she tackled him. Father Philip asked if the vantage from the keyhole was beneficial, he still has sharp hearing as ever . Embarrassed, Nara apologized for eaves dropping but kept kissing Indaris and wearing the ear rings he had given her. Father Philip reminded them about CrIsis’ quest and Indaris mentioned we would need mages, priests, warlocks, and anyone else that could help with another Teleportation casting to Credia tomorrow. At the very least maybe a scroll of Teleportation instead. Shoving the young couple out of his room he told them both he would work on that in the morning, and shooed them out.

Seen and transcribed by Rod Rambler on the night of the 20th of Ra.

Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune

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