Decision Time

‘Why did you let him live? He broke all your rules,’ the student asked the teacher. He sat there looking down. “I don’t know.” his voiced carried like the weight of an entire caravan. The one teaching justice and control, lost it. The student pondered whether this was weakness or mercy. The room was filled with silence. Was it because of their faith? Was it because he was a friend? Are friends allowed to get away with evil acts? He was under duress from a mind spell, but we have choice, we have free will. That was one of the first lessons. People choose to be evil. Their choices seal their fate. The Man looked at his confused student. “If you can’t make the choice without doubt, don’t make it.” He got up, put his hand on his student’s shoulder, and left the cabin.

The student sat there as thoughts flowed through his mind. Were there others he let go? Did those go on to create more mayhem and sin? The student pondered as he sharpened his weapons. The first test would be one that the group had failed once before. Soon they will face a great evil. Was he ready? This choice he could make without a doubt. He headed up to join the others on deck.

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