Demigods and Worship

Worship of CrIsis

4th of Makara, 3rd Year of the Rebirth.

To the Holy Demigod of the Monster Races and Patron of Monogamy, Ursus

I have been chosen to deliver a message not just to yourself, but to all of the Demigods of CrIsis, on behalf of all the Clergy of the Pantheon of Ra.

A park has been established, with statues modeled after those that are seen at the Obelisk. There are statues of yourself, the Demigod of Slavery and Freedom, the Demigod of Valor, Demigod of Entertainers and Random Rocks, and the Demigod of Psionics and Accidental Fires, whose statue is now of a goblin at the Obelisk, and is being remade here.

At this park worshipers are encouraged to pray, and there are priests to take donations and answer questions.

I wanted to let you all know that this is occurring, in case you are hearing prayers, and to make you aware before any future visit here to Sekti-Abtu.

Your Eminence, Keegan Seárlas Rearden, Cardinal of Khonsu


4 Responses to “Demigods and Worship

  • I hope we get to see these while we’re here!

  • Torrun is looking forward to seeing this stuff rather than being stuck in meeting all day.

  • With us rushing through to complete the Quest, I completely forgot to visit the park. Oh Well?

    • I thought when we arrived we walked by this park on our way to the field where we were addressed by the Pontiff?

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