Destiny Awaits Part-1

“This is odd,” Malkin thought to himself. While he was aware of other authors or prophets. It was rare for him to gain visions regarding them. Abagail, had a brief entry into the Books of CrIsis. She had, after all, found the other Femur of Osiris. Malkin knew Isis or one of the gods would go and retrieve it. However, shortly after the restoration of Bes he found his vision angling towards Abby’s world once more.

Abagail Spencer had just finished letting the contractors out from installing her panic room. As a public recluse and famous author her home in Century Station’s Society Hills suburb of Midgard was expected to have top notch security. Getting a call to install a “panic room” was not unusual for Templar Security. A company that claimed to have rooms to stop most superhuman ne’er do wells. While it was easy to play it off as fear of the criminal elements in Brisby Flats. The truth was she needed a safe space to hide the Left Femur of Osiris. It had been a week since she had asked, “Well… Now what?” She had no visions for two days. Then came the visions regarding the return of the god Bes to the Pantheon of Ra. She watched the Oathkeeper, a new Demigod of Vows rip the dick off Bes causing him to explode! “Well, no one will see Dickripping as a way to slay a god, that will sell for certain. When are the gods coming for the bone? Am I still crazy someone should have shown up by now, right?”

Near the end of the week she felt as though someone had been watching her. However, every time she tried to catch them no one seemed to be there. She prayed every day for another week for some kind of sign that she wasn’t crazy and there was indeed purpose to all of this. Each morning she felt something was being done and her answer was coming. Again at night, the inescapable feeling of being followed.

On the tenth evening since the raid on the vault within the doppelganger dimension of Grim Gulf. She was approaching her door, one of the four residents on the whole floor of this wealthy building. When the lights on the wide interior balcony flickered out and only dim moonlight streams in from the skylight several floors above. Panicking, Abagail races for her door while using her powers to focus and suppress the swelling fear she might be attacked or the target of one to come. She could not feel the ice chilling sweat commonly associated with minute premonitions of danger from her moments of actual danger in Grim Gulf. As though she could feel the shadows closing in she could not tell whether or not there was any substance to the muted, logical registering of her fears. Making it just inside her door she clacked a heavy chain. Then she hit some buttons on a wall-mounted data pad. With the soft red glow of an activated lock and active alarm system she finally relaxed sliding down the wall by the door breathing a sigh of relief.

One of her tall windows began to glow and a man in armor and robes leaps through as though he had jumped into a pool. Only to find that while the pool was oriented below him the window pane was upright and gravity was now betraying him. He fell flat on his back, “OWWW!!! Lords of Wisdom did I make you mad? Every damn time I leave his realm you would think I would figure out his sense of humor by now, yeesh!”

Abagail looked on and heard English come out of her intruder’s voice not wanting to become the victim of his weapon hanging at his side. Abagail summoned her powers and levitated him with her super control of Telekinesis into the air.

“Hey!! Whoa, Prophet of CrIsis, I was sent by Thoth the great Lord of Wisdom! Owww, and lower back pain to help you with bone of Osiris!”

Shocked by such pointed questioning she cocked her head to the side realizing she had indeed seen this person before but his maroon coat was missing! This was Luther from the Books of CrIsis! One of Xerx’ses burgeoning faithful followers and trained as a warrior priest by the Church of Light in Llorn, and in the arts of healing and medicine by his father.


“Yes prophet, I am Luther, can you set me down?”

She did so and stepped out from behind the half-wall and column she had been hiding behind in her foyer, “My -y name is Abagail.”

“Prophet Abagail…”

“No, please just Abagail,” she pleaded with him and yet was wondering how he could speak the language of this world. “Luther, your coat is missing and you’re speaking English, what happened and how?”

“M’lady I’ve been ordained as a Warrior Priest of Xerx’ses, however, I am currently on a direct assignment for the Lord of Wisdom. The Knowledge Keeper has asked I help answer your prayer in figuring out what is next. The Ring of Thoth I wear allows me to understand and communicate in any language.”

Luther held his hand out so she could examine the ring. He took a knee at the same time. Abagail Spencer realized that he was actually about her height just much broader shoulders. As she approached and took his hand to see this specialized “CrIsis-like” ring, “So I finally get to go to another world, or meet the Gods?”

“Nay, I was given a prayer to use when we find an appropriate pyramid to place it in.”

With the realization of what he said sinking in, her face went slack in shock, “We’re going to build a pyramid?”

“Or, find one we can make use of.”

Abagail Spencer was beside herself. The gods did not come, they didn’t even send one of the members of CrIsis, they sent the “new guy” to her?!? Was he their covert operative so they didn’t draw undue attention to the pickup or now placement of the piece? There was only a few of the archaic looking powered folk like the Huntress, so he may find a niche but his clothes…
…they looked like he had been through a war. Because he had just been through a siege of Two Cities! Alright, maybe he doesn’t suck as an option she thought to herself because he survived in a world with magic and gods. Her world was not as different as all that.

“Fudgeknuckle, well Luther, let’s get you in a room I am not using and tomorrow morning we can go over how we get a Pyramid.”

Luther saw the slightly depressed scowl, “I promised to make this as fast as possible and pardon my intrusion upon your life and abode.”

Abagail nodded and showed him to his room.

Abagail awoke in her panic room to the sound of an unscheduled fire alarm! Calling out for a status window a section of the wall at her current eye level flashed on showing Luther in her flower patterned apron cooking something without a shirt on! The stove use digitally mastered temperature sensitive plating to heat up and cool down food that was placed upon it. Poor Luther had not realized how close a towel he was using a gotten.

“Someone’s about to get some ‘stabbity action’ alright,” she swore under her breath flinging clothing on. Casting a sidelong glance toward the eight foot femur bone she raced down the stairs to the kitchen level. “Luther what the hell happ…”

On her table was a plate with a heart shaped omelet, encircled by a wall of thinly sliced strawberries! An orange slice was laid off to the side with sliced orange wedges making it look like a sun! There was a bowl of cubed fruit next to a cup of steaming tea and a glass of milk. Finally, there was Luther having wet the singed towel over one arm with a plate of three pancakes that smelled as though applesauce had been use in the batter.


He smirked and shrugged gesturing to the towel on his arm, “I regret that I am new to ‘heating element squares’ and how far away to keep the cloth. I am far more use to an open flame and that is my error. I can make you a new towel with materials” Waving his arm to redirect her to the table, “You must be the wealthiest woman alive to have enchanted items that talk to you! On my world I’m a trained Doctor and Gourmand Chef when I am not fighting. Explaining that to your enchanted kitchen was so helpful as it showed me,” he set the plate down and got utensils, “how to make use of it! So please sit and I hope you will accept my meal preparation as the sincerity of my apologies for interrupting your existence.”

He motioned for her to sit and eat as he waited across the table from her where he had made a matching plate. Biting her lip she approached and sat down unsure what to make of all this. When she sat down he took his seat and then lay his open hands across the table toward her, “Shall we pray for the gifts in our lives and this bounty?”

Abagail extends her hands and set them in his. She can feel the callouses and scars and a vision of him briefly defending Haven comes to her mind. During the vision she focuses on his words as his prayer begins and it pulls her back from the vision and staring at this man of faith and war holding her hands in fervent devotion to the cause.



Thank You
To the Pantheon of Ra that grants us our day.
Watches over us regardless of the worlds we tread upon.
Provides us a beacon in the night of the light and that is it never far away.
For granting this poor excuse of an emissary the chance to aid your chosen prophet.
For giving me a purpose greater than myself.

Thank You

Two of the most powerful words in any language are “THANK YOU.”
No group of people more richly deserve those simple,
heartfelt words of appreciation more than those of you that,
I have served alongside in Haven’s hour of need.
And those of you who are still standing watch this very minute.

OathKeeper, Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, they came from all over Palladium.
Too many times are taken for granted. They have been vigilant for the church,
during times of war and peace, every hour of the day, fortnight upon fortnight.
They spent countless holidays, birthdays and special events away from
their families and friends, so that the faithful could spend it close in prayer to you, without fear.

They’re grandparents, fathers, mothers, uncle, aunts, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends.
We may not always agree, but this should never deter us or limit the support we give to each of them.
It is through the sacrifice that they and the numerous individuals who came before us have made,
that provides the faithful with the safe places to honor the gods.
Blessed we are to experience yet so often take for granted.
To the families who have lost loved ones, we offer our deepest condolences.
Many of us have never endured the pain many of them now feel, but our hearts hurt for them none the less.
Let us never forget the Veterans of Haven, and remember those still serving in our prayers.

Thank You

Heavenly Ra, I cannot imagine how storms can be navigated, burdens borne,
and hardships handled without the company of a few good friends.
We praise you today for the gift of friendship — for the joy,
encouragement, and refreshment given to each of us through our friends.

When we tread through difficult and draining seasons, we’re inclined to think,
“No one can possibly understand what I am going through.
Nobody can relate to my feelings and confusion.
Everyone would handle this mess much better than I am.”

Those are the times when it’s easy to withdraw into isolation,
fall into the pit of condemnation, and reach for some ill-chosen wanton remedy.
That’s when the gift of long-standing, all-weather,
burden-bearing friends becomes especially precious.
Mighty Ra, we praise you for the gift of hearing my friends of past, present and future
say these two words, “Me too.”
We praise you for friends who remind me of the truth and power of the Book of Ma’at,
of the love of Isis & Apis, and of the bigger story you’re always writing.
So, Amon Ra, I offer our prayers, in your most glorious and gracious name.

Thank You

Heavenly Apis, for food in worlds where many walk in hunger,
For faith in worlds where many walk in fear,
For friends in worlds where many walk alone,
For good food and those who provide it,
For good friends with whom to share it.
We give you thanks, O Lady of Harvest, Apis most Gracious.

Thank You, Amen Ra!

Then he was quiet and Abagail watched him open those eyes, smiling warmly at her, “I get carried away sometimes when I pray, lets eat before it get cold and I have to burn another towel in sacrifice, hahaha!” She chuckled against her better judgment and when Abagail took her first bite. She found the eggs perfect and the diced bacon and herbs hidden within the omelet a welcomed surprise. This kind of skill would normally cost a small fortune and he was at her disposal! Clearly there was more to him than a pretty looking warrior priest. If he was also a doctor why did he pursue such reckless endeavors?

She called the building concierge to have her vehicle ready in about 30 minutes she would be heading into town and its shopping district with a guest. Quietly she giggled to herself because the building security was not likely use to having a God open a portal via a window pane from another dimension about 16 stories above ground bypassing every security protocol in the books. I am sure she would have to get Luther registered as an alien hero if anything went south. However, it might be better to figure out a way to get that done in advance, to avoid hate groups like S.H.O.C.K. (Super Human Observation and Control Knights) and others. In fact hiding his true identity may become paramount to avoid legal and illegal run ins. Still he could be labeled as an “Alt Earther” since Palladium is like Earth just from a different dimension. That could be couched as an alternate timeline where things went drastically differently. Hmmm, this might work but how to hide him? When she spied a copy of the most recent Book of CrIsis she realized all he had to do was play the part of Luther himself! Everyone else would just think he was another “superbeing” doing a cosplay shtick!

“Luther, dear, were you fond of that coat of yours?”

The first time since his arrival his face drooped, “The Bishop said she could get it repaired, so I left it with her. But yes I miss it far more than I should.”

“Then leave all the armor but the torso stuff. We are going to get you a new coat and I need to explain to you on the way how the ‘Tales of CrIsis’ are being spread on my world.”

A half-hour into their excursion into Century Station’s Society Hills shopping district found Abagail’s abdominal muscles in pain from laughing so hard quietly behind Luther staring out the window like a puppy!

“Does everyone own a castle here?”
“You must have a council of sorcerers! I just saw one of them flying over head!”
“Where do the Dwarves live? They made this stuff certainly!”
“Was that an elf with blue-skin, a mohawk, and wings of blue light coming out of her back?!?”

She laughed so hard when he referred to the robot driver as her personal golem. Then she astounded him when the car lifted off into the air! She had spent $375,000 on her model with projectile resistant windows, chrome plating for lasers, a robot that could operate up to 500 feet away and still control the car with security and driving programming, and one hidden car-mounted laser she or the robot could control. She mused to herself that this must indeed look like magic to him. Then Luther mention ancient legends of sea ships the Elves had that could fly! He was going to try and mention flying horse carriages when he got home to replace flying carpets! Nothing about technology even entered his mind, when she tried to explain it once to him he said that knowing about material components to alchemy didn’t make one an alchemist. He was then quickly distracted by a moving picture on a sign about 12 floors up, and remarked how far crystal ball magic had come on this world.

She slid a ‘duraglass’ tablet out from her armrest and interfaced quietly with the robot driver about locations for getting new clothes for Luther to look the part of what her fans consider Luther to be. She was surprised that there were sub-Reddit forums regarding the meaning of Luther in the tales. Then she found the fanart. Having the actual Luther in front of her made her pause to realize this situation is a fairy tale in other stories. One of the characters in her book is sitting four feet away from her staring at a world he does not understand. Quietly she thanked Thoth for the clarity to understand what a gift to an author that was. Looking through the ribbon stream she found a theme to build an outfit around for him, but also saved a number of pictures that was the entire cast in modern style clothing.

With some shops picked out she contacted her broker at Stone Associates, the city’s most powerful financial firm. Her broker confirmed that as of three months ago the books had made her a net profit of 1.06 Billion dollars and she was on target to net another 15 million this year. Happy that things were on track she contacted her agent about a small spin-off mini-series involving Luther traveling to another world and helping find a piece. Her agent said she would need a few days to crunch some polls and focus groups but the books with Luther generate a fair amount of buzz and he is popular on all cyber platforms and social media. Secure in the notion that the spin-off had optimistic projections she informed her broker she was going shopping and may spend upwards of 1-2 million. Her broker assured her she would inform the credit agencies of the shopping trip.

Luther was awed when it only took an hour to have what he would call a ‘Helm of Thought Sharing’ send his thoughts to an enchanted device that could sew without a living person there to help! Then Abagail had the coat reinforced with Nano Grade Flexi-Steel so it would provide some armor and heal itself. She had to pull him away from seeing his first alchemist shop up close. He remarked constantly about how clear the stain glass always looks and seemed intrigued that the walls we enchanted with viewing stones allowing him to see products he might wish to purchase and how to find them. She finally stopped trying to explain that marketeers were not a school of merchant wizards.

Once that was done they stopped by a body armor shop known to have a flair for custom and dramatic 3-D printed body armor. Soon he looked like a bad ass super being Legionnaire that fought for the little guy. The look was right and now they had to race to a book signing where she asked him to use some magic to make it clear he was a powered individual acting as, well, acting as himself. Luther thought that worship through book clubs and solo readership was unconventional but the Gods sent him here so clearly it worked. Then he saw the crowd that came to meet her. Just over 14,000 people had come to meet her at one of the few public appearances she would make this year! There was an entire convention center dedicated to the signing on this day. He saw some very convincing Minotaur costumes that made him blink twice!

Welcome to #CrIsisCON

Banners everywhere had the sign and he saw people dressed up as Ferrel hitting on a bunch of girls that looked like Iana! Posters were everywhere! There was three people in rather well made centaur outfits cosplaying as Karma, the third one though he was convinced was an actual centaur! However, he could not get close enough and only then began to realize that worship here was done far more abstract than he had thought. When he saw “himself” walking next to a very young version of Bishop Rose with WAY to much cleavage did he realize nothing in the book were off limits. One parent had her three kids dressed up as Kobolds shooting soft, spongy like darts through a ring at people. Everyone was having a great time though and NO ONE was fighting!

Every time Abagail introduced him she mentioned that this was a concept costume for the upcoming movie next year! Luther had no idea what a movie was and Abagail mentioned it was a magical recording of a play that could be watched over and over again. Luther seemed astonished and people nearby kept trying to tell him how good he was at staying in character. Then Abagail mentioned the last thing that needed to happen today was the panel at Hall – “H” with the production company making the CrIsis: Role-Playing game. After she tried to explain role playing games to Luther he thought it sounded like a nice way to prepare people to fight monsters for real. Once everyone was seated Luther took a seat next to Abagail and a few other people in suits much like the noble-folk of this world appeared to be dressed in. Luther sat there and listened to Abagail and her publishers talk about all the questions the fans of the books had. Luther was stunned because the room felt like a small collegium of religious scholars asking and nick-picking over every detail regarding the heroes and the tales of CrIsis. The collegium’s moderator asked Luther if he wouldn’t mind taking the small black steel wand out and hold it so people could speak into the small rounded tip on one end. Happy to oblige and keep an eye on Abagail he went out to various scholars, mostly dressed up as current and former members of CrIsis and others from the tales! All of them must have been here in secret hiding from minions of the dark for they wore badges with code names emblazoned upon them. One scholar, KillerVP, as his badge stated was dressed just like myself, err… Malkin, perhaps more hair though. His satchel had a patch sewn upon it that said “Bletherad or Bust” in English! Luther held the wand or rod in front of KillerVP and when he spoke Luther – and the whole hall – could hear him LOUD & CLEAR! A magical rod of crowd speaking was just another wonder of this world!

Even while I had the vision of his adventure in this other world, I started jotting down notes about items to discuss with Azariel about such a wand as another inventive piece and market shares [Note to self: EDIT THIS PART OUT]. Luther continued to move through the crowd for the better part of an hour when he noticed a shadow overhead. He had not noticed it before but Hall “H” had clear stain glass ceilings. With all the banners hanging down somehow this had escaped his attention. He continued moving through the crowd astonished about the questions. He seemed very taken back when people asked if the character of “Luther” was her attempt at bridging the gap between the average man and the mythic heroes CrIsis was turning into so the average read might have an easier time relating. Abagail stood and smiled gesturing to Luther to answer the question himself. When a loud BOOM was heard overhead! Into the plethora of hanging banners on metal woven cables did the creature fall, halted only briefly before its weight of nearly four grown men snapped the cables like string.

Luther spun into action flinging his coat off and over three children in the crowd close to him. Then he got he those kids running for the door as he looked up near the stage. He touched each one of them healing their wounds as they passed him. Standing up to its full 12 foot height was very “real” Shedim Demon! He drew the enchanted saber he won from the Eastern Knight seeking the Tale of the Courtesan’s Pilgrimage and began to pray outloud and some people ran screaming! Others stayed and watched thinking this was more hype for the role-playing game and movie next year!

“By the will of the Oathkeeper!

By the will of the Thoth All-Knowing!”

Luther put his jacket back on swapping the sword back and forth to do so.

“Under the mandate of the Ma’ip I am Luther,

War Priest of Xerx’ses Oathbringer!

You will acknowledge my authority to treat with you demon!

For I bear the vestments of Church of Light!

By the Will of the Light, Amen Ra!”

The breastplate began to glow a bright light and it shown out the sleeves and bottom of his coat and his vestments or clothing not only became sanctified but he unwittingly seared what a warrior priest would look like into the minds of those present for generations to come. The Shedim Demon lunged his claws forward and knocked aside 5 people frozen in their chairs! Luther ran and jumped over to provide healing touches and thwart his attacks. The hawk like demonic snout came down and bit a woman in half! Luther cloaked himself in mystic armor, then ran into the face of danger as the husband of the woman was screaming and panic whipped the room into a frenzy! He pulled the torso back to the other half and prayed once more acting as a shield!

“Under the mandate of the Ma’ip I am Luther,

War Priest of Xerx’ses Oathbringer!

Now is not the time face the scales of judgment for Osiris is not healed yet!

Come back from the river that separates this world from the next.

It is not your time to pass so I beseech your soul to step away from the scales and RETURN!

By the Will of the Light, Amen Ra!”

Then as the Demon was about to bite down on the screaming husband a grappling hook wrapped around one of its arms! Shock and bewilderment were quickly replace by flight and velocity! Disguising her Telekinesis Power with the grappling hook Abagail and two fans pulled on the firing stock and heaved. Two of the three were stunned when they threw the creature across the room! Abagail turned to them both and said, “Yes the stories are real! That is Luther, the real Luther, now run and get as many people out of here as you can!” She pointed to the demon starting to get up, “Because that is also a real DEMON! RUN!” As the two started to run even KillerVP realized the danger a light exploded through the hall and the women torn in half was whole once more and crying! Luther stood and handed her over to her husband healing what more he could with a touch! Those present saw Luther bring someone back from the DEAD!!!

People began to flee and cries could be heard of “MONSTER” & “MIRACLE” from those escaping as security rushed in. Luther ran to Abagail and saw a second form appear behind her in another Shedim Demon! He dived for her drawing his blade and cried out, “POINT TO YOUR HOME!” Abagail saw him looking past her as she pointed awkwardly. Turning as he scooped her up over his shoulder she saw the second demon appear! All of the noise and shouting began to get drowned out as Luther fought off the attacks of the second demon. Abagail could see the first one was wounded somewhat but now he was coming to join the fray. That song…

…If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time…

…playing from the hallway was all she could focus on thinking she was about to die!

…You said go slow –
I fall behind…

Everything was very real now and evil was coming for them!

…If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time…

There was a flash of blue light and then darkness, the only sound she could now hear was Luther holding her, “Abagail…,
I have you.”

Malkin awoke from the vision dry mouth and hungry.

Luther and Abagail by @AZ_Rune.
Osiris-Bletherad or Bust picture provided by @kennefriggles.
Shedim picture courtesy of Jeff Russell, and Palladium Books. Colored by @AZ_Rune.
All other art previously credited on the site.


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  • I’m digging the heroes of Xerx’ses. Will be cool to see them protect people more.

    • I loved making modern references to tech as magic!

      Once we got GM approval to write this arc. Glistam/Silent Dream helped me with writing the lion’s share of the arc’s outline. I am fleshing it out as my bonus log(s) since Luther is now my back up and I wanted a cool story for how he levels up. Glistam/Silent Dream was nice enough to let me use his game world since he wrote Crime of the Century (Station). That established element also gave me a look at Heroes Unlimited and what its about in depth. The next to the last and final chapters in this arc will wrap up Indaris and bring him back into the fold of the Church of Light.

      I stumbled across Positron Music for a wonderful set of cover songs I will be using to help cap some of the logs. Give them a listen, they rock!

  • So much awesome!! I got a mention in a log as a fan boy! I do want to go to a CrIsisCon! Great stabbity action quote! Love the Bletherad or Bust! Love the cover! Well done!

  • My favorite line was “Someone’s about to get some ‘stabbity action’ alright.” This whole log was a great setup to the momentous challenge that awaits them both!

  • Wow, an amazing glimpse into another realm as played and told by a whole other game group, very Inception-esque

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