Destiny Awaits Part-2

Malkin sat down once more looking at his notes about the Wand of Loudspeaking. He sent a magic eagle message off to Azariel wishing his family well and some previews regarding the Chronicles of Luther and Abagail. Not long after he found his vision angling towards Abby’s world once more.

There was a flash of blue light and then darkness, the only sound she could now hear was Luther holding her, “Abagail…,
I have you.”

She could feel her heart pounding and then the whirring sound of air conditioning fans spinning up because of their presence. Where were they what happened to Hall “H” and everyone else?


“Abagail are you injured?”

“No, I’m fine but, can you set me down and let me find a light switch?”

Luther set her down and let her eyes adjust to the darkness, “How did we get here?”

“I used my sword to teleport us but this doesn’t look like your home? I suppose its over five miles from where we were?”

“Wait, I never knew that your sword can teleport? What gives? Also, yes, its about nine and a half miles away.”

“Well, the collegium guards were approaching and the second Shedim Demon was coming behind you. Having brought that lady back to life I was unsure of anything other than protecting you so I risked a blind teleport but the limitation of my sword is that I have to wear or carry what I am teleporting.”

Abby nodded her head understanding his reasoning but stopped just before the light switch, “Wait blind teleport? Could something bad have happened? I am sorry what you did for that woman should be commended.”

“Alas, I did nothing, all of that was the power of Thoth and Xerx’ses. Now, if we had made it into your home I doubt it, however, with the distance being over the five mile range of the sword I suppose we could have ended up in a wall.”

“So death by demons or risky death by trying to teleport away.”

Luther shrugged his head to one side, “I misjudged how far away we were from your home, but I could’ve indeed made it with a secondary jump if we are indeed close enough now. Standrok’s Stalwart Saber can perform that miracle three times per day.”

“So, like in battle you thought it a calculated risk?”

In the most matter a fact tone she had heard suggesting he saw nothing wrong in how he tried to save her, “Yes.”

Realizing he probably had saved her life all things considered she flicked the light switch on and replied, “Thank you.” Luther bowed towards her and Abagail instantly realized they were in Century Station Museum of Antiquities! Several posters on the wall and items bearing logos on coffee mugs were a dead ringer. When she explained to Luther this place was a physical artifact version of the Great Library on Palladium. Luther asked if visitors were allowed in this wing knowing the tales about security of the Great Library. When Abby shook her head he gulped because he had no wish to meet this place’s guardians.

Priest of the Light, find me if you seek a way out. Bring the prophet with you.

Luther looked at Abagail and she matched his shocked expression!

Priest of the Light, if you and the Prophet do not wish to be apprehended by the secruity here do as I say and do it NOW!

Luther was still looking around and whispering, “Well, lead on…” Abagail said she could sense great magic a floor below them to which they both heard in their minds, “Well done, if you head for the door on the right of the Prophet with the skinny long window in it wait there and turn off the light quickly!” Following the instructions of the disembodied voice soon they were pressed to either side of the door and the silence in the room was only matched by the sable darkness now enveloping everything. Maybe half a minute went by and a beam of harsh white light cut through the window of the door slithering about the room. After 15 seconds of intense panic Luther watched Abagail begin to shake as though the panic had finally gotten the better of her! Pulling a card from his divine patron’s playbook he called upon him and prayed for a Cloud of Slumber to ease her tension. Just as he finished though the door swung open and black hand crossbow with no string or “bow” was pointed in his face. Then the guard made the mistake of inhaling and falling over asleep!

Priest of the Light, that was expedient but you have to drag him into the room and hurry you only have a few minutes.

Luther followed the instructions and picked up Abagail once more. He never argued with the voice and figured out it was looking through his eyes somehow. But if it could read his thoughts then likely it was seeing the surroundings from those same thoughts. Going down one floor led into a room that looked as though someone tried to build a ruined temple from Sekti-Abtu on purpose! He could recognize so many of the symbols painted upon the walls of the Gods of Light and the Dark.

Priest of the Light, you have made it and I commend you for your trust. Lay the Prophet down I can feel her mind beginning to stir.

Luther did so and the voice had him approach a wall with drawers embedded within it from floor to ceiling. After directing him to the row and then column he had him punch the numbers: 1337 and when it popped open Luther saw a dagger to which the voice said, “Priest of the Light, I am the dagger you see before you. In ancient days thousands of years ago I was made by Thoth himself and given to priests here. Take me up and know I am called Seki A’nen or Destruction’s Reconstruction.

Luther thought that perhaps his teleport was not such the accident he was led to believe. He offered thanks to Xerx’ses and Thoth for the beautiful accident of “fate” before him as he picked the knife up. Tucking the blade into his coat’s internal pocket he went back over and helped Abagail sit up. “Ugh,” Abagail rolled over and grabbed her head, “Luther, did you you cast a spell on me?”

“Yes, you were panicking and about to get us caught.”

Abagail lightly shook her head, “You are definitely Xerx’ses’ priest, alright!” She accepted his hand and used her powers to get a handle on her panic. Seki A’nen then began to share visions from various guards’ minds that he has seen. She was able to piece together a way out and the number patterns to get through the doors with access. She called her car to the nearest parking spot using her duraglass phone slab’s iButler app. She put Luther at ease that by the time they got outside the flying chariot would be there to take them home. Twelve minutes later they were outside sitting in the car and flying away as reports of police activity were moving in on the museum they just left. When Abagail asked him if he had hurt any of the guards while she was asleep he said no, but one of them walked into the cloud and passed from the magic. Also, he had found the source of the voice and he removed Seki A’nen from his coat to show her.

“Wait! You took that dagger from the museum?”

“It asked to be taken, so I obliged, besides Thoth made it as a rune dagger. I was not about to refuse such a turn of fate.”

Abagail face palms, “F – M – L! Luther that was an ancient artifact…”

“…Yes, I know…”

“…No Luther, someone else owned that dagger!”

Abagail turned her head and called up info on the Egypt exhibit to open next week. She informed him that the artifacts in that exhibit were the property of Phineas Tenpenny, a new, rising, Archaeologist that has come into a major find of Egyptian artifacts in an abandoned castle used by Nazis in World War II. When she asked about recent news it turns out someone has raided the artifacts of the exhibit to open next week. Missing among the items are a dagger, a bust of Set, and the Pharaoh Tutankhamen Crook of rulership! Apparently, the cameras were taken out, but investigators are going to be scouring traffic footage to try and see if the criminals were spotted leaving. Abagail shot Luther a look of raging panic! Luther assured her he only took possession of the dagger because he was asked to. Seki A’nen confirmed this to both of them and then mentioned that the security guard that fell asleep on Luther looked like the one that had removed those items. Apparently, there was a burglar on the premise at the same time they were and had taken the other items!

“E’ffing great! I need to make a call to Stone Associates and have them recommend a lawyer for powered people because this just got fricking weird,” Abagail blurted out exasperated.

After making it back home they watched the video reports about the scene on how the Centurions had to help the security handle the Demons which used magic artifacts to teleport away. Durandal led the fight against them. Authorities are looking for an individual identified as “Luther” and Abagail Spencer whom seem to vanish during the attack. Many people are calling this Luther cosplayer a hero whom healed and resurrected a woman many eye witnesses and videos posted on-line show as being murdered and ripped in half! The reporter remarked that many of the same people are calling “Luther” the “Savior-Legionnaire.” The video in picture goes on to show from a #CrIsisCON attendee named, Coxson, of Luther praying and healing her not just from being split in two! It shows the resurrection working and bringing the woman back and being handed to her husband! They went on to say that if a hero exists with such power over death it could change the world as they understand it!

“Abagail they are giving me credit but it was Lords Xerx’ses and Thoth acting through me!”

“Luther you channel divine power the way I see it from afar. They won’t understand the difference and now I have to make that call so we can figure out a way to prevent you from facing any criminal charges. Laws on this world are very different than your world,” Abby was bringing up Stone Associates on her duraglass pad. Just then a voice from outside her window boomed loud enough to be heard inside, “Perhaps, I can help with that?”

Outside the window, was a medieval themed costumed super-being. Flying or hovering as one might put it, holding his famous sword in its hands was Durandal, the Centurion!

Malkin awoke from the vision dry mouth and hungry once more.

All art by @AZ_Rune.


8 Responses to “Destiny Awaits Part-2

  • The dagger design was taken from a historical piece recovered. Here we have part two of the Luther Chronicles.

  • I want a stalwart saber!

  • I’m going to try to fit at least one of the players in every one of these logs. And then like an Avengers meet up, you’ll all be in the last one. One of you are listed in this log.

  • Oh shit, Durandal’s there already! I love it! The scene is set for a misunderstanding to occur, resulting in them going on the run from heroes AND demons… and I can’t wait!

  • Best cosplayer ever. Can heal and everything

    • Resurrect even! Absolutely the all-time cosplay winner.

  • Love the inclusion of the Players in the story…very surreal.

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