Destiny Awaits Part-3

Malkin sat down once more looking at the parchment knowing if he did before the tea was done he would get nothing but cold tea. Half an hour later and warm brew in stone stein he sat down to figure out the fate of Osiris’ Left Femur.

What happened next made Durandal raise an eyebrow. Luther tapped a button, the window opened causing a breeze to whip the drapes around and Luther motioned for him to land seemingly unimpressed by the flying hero. Durandal, wary of a trap still accepted the invitation and landed, “Nice job with your little convention diversion. I don’t know what prompted this little stunt but it’s over now. Hand over the artifacts and you can call your lawyers from jail.”

Priest of the Light, Luther, he has his own lightbringer rune weapon, I have no interest in going back in a box. I won’t return to him.

Abagail began to try and calm things down, “Listen, I-”

Luther steps in front of her, drawing Standrok’s Stalwart Saber and Seki A’nen in the other, “I won’t let you threaten the Prophet like that. She’s done nothing wrong.”

The costume hero raised both eyebrows, “Prophet? Really,” laughing, “look kid, I think she’s brainwashed you. Put the sword away, give me that stolen dagger and we’ll sort this out. Otherwise…” Pointing his sword towards Luther, “You may get hurt.”

… I see well maybe, wait, no I am not doing that…

Luther looks confused as Durandal suddenly does when his sword is wrenched from his grip by an invisible force. It suspends in the air for a moment before being tossed forcefully out the window. Durandal takes one quick look around the apartment to see Abby with her hand outstretched in his direction. He gives her a stern look and dives down after the falling sword to retrieve it. Turning to Luther Abby grabs his wrist, “Okay, that probably just made him madder. We need to go.”

“Abagail, I can handle him if he comes back. Don’t worry.”

“Luther you can’t! The only good news about you can’t be tainted by you fighting a Centurion, he’s a Hero of this world. We shouldn’t be fighting him. He and the other Centurions could probably even help-“


The front apartment door bursts open as a dead manager is tossed into the room, sans his right hand. Abby realizes that the manager’s override was used! However, the Alu Demon didn’t see the need to keep him alive to use it. Ripping its way through the doorway it looks past both of them at the biggest threat it sees. Durandal having just returned sees the demon come running at him and leaping out the window, “You think your Demon will stop me!?”

The fires of Hades will take you and the Prophet! Surrender the piece of Osiris and your deaths will be quick!

As the Alu Demon crashes into Durandal digging supernaturally strong claws through his outfit into his flesh the centurion smiles as they fall because a worthy adversary has entered the fray. Luther begins to run for the window, screaming, “Abagail, TOSS ME! WE HAVE TO SAVE DURANDAL!”

Stretching an arm out towards Luther, “Oh shit, that moron is going to get us killed, jailed, or… …Nitwit!


Two additional people step into the room and each crush an amulet around their necks reverting to their true Shedim Demon forms as those they faced at #CrIsisCON! “Oh Hades NO! I’m out,” screamed Abagail as she turned to run after and banked a hard right into her safety room and grabbed the femur. When she came out she dove through one set of demonic legs and using 8 foot femur as an awkward pole vault she leaped over the leg of the other and straight into Luther waiting for her to toss him out onto the Alu Demon to help Durandal. Both of them begin to tumble out of the open window! Luther shoves the saber away and grabs Abagail’s leg and begins to pull her close to him. Once he has her by the waist he begins to notice he is falling faster and catching up to the Centurion and the Alu Demon.

Priest of Light, I see your plan! Now, hammer me into the demon’s back like a spike and swing around and grab him with your legs. It’s so stupid it may just work!

Successfully grabbing Seki A’nen, Luther slams the talking dagger home and he see red and golden tendrils of magic spread out like colored lightning when it hits the demon! Dislocating his shoulder as he swings around the demon cutting it like a pirate sliding down a sail. Luther latches his legs around Durandal’s waist dislodging him from the demon by sheer shock.

“Listen boy, you’re a piss poor assassin,” shouts a very confused Durandal!

“Abagail, grab the dagger and don’t let go of it or me!” Abagail does so and he flops his limp arm around her as he draws Standrok’s Stalwart Saber once more and hopes this counts. In a flash of blue light everyone appears on the ground below. Durandal frees himself with such ease looking up to see the demon still falling he turns back to the two on the ground. Luther looks at him, “Next time we meet you can say thank you for the assist good sir!” Another blue flash of light and both of them vanish! Durandal simply holds his sword up somewhat confused as the Alu Demon impales itself upon it HOWLING out in pain!

“Something is not right about all of this,” the Centurion says in a low voice.

You haven’t won mortal! I’ll find the Prophet and her measly protector! Osiris will never be assembled!

The Alu Demon vanished as a flaming portal opened in the sky above him and yanked him off the blade and into it! “Yep, something is definitely not right about all of this,” the Centurion says again as he taps his stylized “D” on his chest activating a com-link to Centurion HQ. “Durandal, reporting in….”

In a park roughly four miles away Luther and Abagail appear as he screams hitting the ground popping his arm back into the socket. Sheathing the sword Abagail hands him back the dagger as he asks her why she jumped out the window with the femur? Catching him up she began leading him out of the park they stop at the park’s exit when a huge black truck drives up with two D20 fuzzy dice hanging off the rear-view mirror. A large man with a military style hair cut and camouflage web vest leans out with a cigar, “HO – LEE – SHITE! God damn nerd was right, well Abagail Spencer this is your lucky day. Lurch is the name, and my buddies say you need help.”

Luther and Abagail look at each other bewildered, “Umm yes.”

“Climb on in the back and I will get you out of the city. I know the Centurions and Century Station P.D. are looking to question you about the incident. I’ve been around long to know a smear job when I see one. They’re looking to blame the demons on you but KillerVP swears you’re both heroes. Well, Abby, your fans care about and trust you so let’s get you someplace safe so you can sort this on your terms, ‘kay?”

Both of them do and Lurch hits a button which causes a pop-up bed cover to assemble and cover them from view. As they round a corner into an alley Lurch hits another button and a brief but loud hum of lightning is heard and then everything painted black changes to silver! Lurch laughs and turns up the radio as they drive off. Both of them wondering if their day got better or worse?

Malkin awoke from the vision dry mouth and hungry once more. This time though there was tea and it was still warm.

All art by @AZ_Rune.


11 Responses to “Destiny Awaits Part-3

  • A large man with a military style hair cut and camouflage web vest leans out with a cigar, “HO – LEE – SHITE!
    I just wonder how many people have met him exactly like that… except cigarette instead of cigar.

  • “’Listen boy, you’re a piss poor assassin,’ shouts a very confused Durandal!” I loved that comment, and I really like how this is shaping up!

  • I wanted to make the falling scene it’s own comic page but I got the flu and “poof” went that idea. I just hoped I made it genre-based enough you felt they were falling, yelling, and fighting as a city watched and Twitter streamed it live!

    • Still awesome….

      • As long as it feels like a Heroes storyline/comic then I think I am doing pretty good with it. It is still a Mini-Series and it will end back on Palladium in Kaash.

  • There is nothing worse than getting nothing but cold tea! Keep up the good fight!

    By the way, I just wanted to say how amazing and industrious AZ Rune has been with all his artwork. I looked through the previous page in amazement but couldn’t find anywhere to comment, so I have just left a comment here.

  • “Both of them wondering if their day got better or worse?” A little bit of both.

    I love the (my) Lurch character. Loud and larger than life

  • I re-read this and noticed something I didn’t before:

    “The front apartment door bursts open as a dead manager is tossed into the room, sans his right hand.”
    (Yeah, I know those kind of hotels!)

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