Determination and the Lawgiver

Your holiness, Grand Arbiter Nulendar,

Is it holiness, your honor, both, neither? Please ask his most holy Pontiff for my last ‘missive’ to him. As I write this, CrIsis, is in the predetermined sanctuary we teleport to upon Sekti-Abtu. We have recovered the Lawgiver’s Left Arm! Also the reason for this missive is King Sunder Blackrock of the Kingdom of Giants is dead by the hand of Master No Name. However, the manner in which he killed him I believe violates the laws of, of, of…

…PARLEY! Yes that damn word that had escaped me minutes ago, parley. I have place Master No Name under arrest and need an expert in the laws of the Lawgiver to pass judgement upon him. Below, I will detail what is just under 6 minutes of time in which CrIsis completely disrupted the power structure of the Kingdom of Giants. However, what has me at a worse quandry is that through his actions, and knowing his soul is in a dark place. Has caused grim trust issues to grow within me and I feel others in CrIsis.

I just don’t trust him anymore, and it breaks my heart to spurn a friend so.

~ The 28th of Thoth ~

Picking up where I left off. . .

. . .Again to the Solarium, “Please contact me to get the ring back, I really did not know the fairy had it. Having used it I can see why you want it back and I am more than happy to return it since you returned our companions.”

After sneaking a ‘note’ into Ser Huro’s bags and two items to help him. All of us changed back into our forrms on a bone wall Master No Name made to avoid traps before the door we entered. I am writing this here on the bone wall as they assault the armoy I can see through the door! Now begins the unfettered wagon ride that is CrIsis into Blackrock Stronghold.

Being the last to enter I could still hear the fight against Commander Mack – changed into a 30 foot behemoth of a Gekco – alongside Dame Hannah and their joint diversionary assault on the farside. As you will sadly read later in this missive there is a Troll among us which means either Commander Mack or Dame Hannah have perished. I have sent pigeon missives to both for them to run and if can get teleport scrolls any among CrIsis will help me cover the cost of such scrolls with coin or trade.

Our group just entered the armory of the stronghold where battle was quickly entered between us and the Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, and of course Giants! I knocked down a Jotan in my charge into the room to join the fray! Master Pippin quickly switch to his Lightbringer sword when paralyzing darts were ineffective against the Earth Giants. Misstress Acon had my back as Ser Huro and I charged in and engaed the foe as the front line!

Please, reward Ser Huro for with non-magical arms and armor he stood toe to toe with over 40 assailants that set upon us! He claimed second blood of the engagement! Never did he break, run or shirk his tasks as a Knight of Osiris! I didn’t have the time to shed the tears of joy for it as though Lord Raulf had returned from the dead! Ser Huro is a hero made if not born that way!

Clouds of Slumber were laid down by Master Pippin and I droppin a half dozen giants and “shorties” between those affected. The one cast by the enemy only manage to affect of their own troops, HAHAHA!!! While this was going the knocked down Jotan ripped mleft arm’s armor off, and I was lucky because nearly dislocated my arm to take it with him! I managed to cast a brief Invulnerability Spell. I quickly became surrounded by eight giants trying to pound me after that. The spell allowed me to secure and make safe the Lawgiver’s Finger strapped to my arm!

Just then another group of giants and shorties dropped Master Ursus and I had to make a split decision – Go Deep And Face King Sunder or Flee!!! I grabbed the string of talisman coins I had saved for just such a purpose and decided to push everyone to their limits! lay everything on the line and go to the bowels of the volcano – as the finger now pointed down!

I teleported are group blindly to the location of the Lawgiver’s Left Arm!

When I got there I was able to shrugged off the affects an Anti-Magic Cloud Spell on the throne room! Clearly we had been expected. This was the moment our Troll companion showed up and in my mind had to be the moment either Commander Mack or Dame Hannah died! When we had been welcomed by King Sunder Blackrock, the Fire Giant King he raised an eyebrow when I addressed him as his majesty and my golden aura of my spell was still active! He made a mention he had not expected respect, so clearly he read the Books of CrIsis involving Master Cava. Master Pippin and I parleyed long enough to use Magos to dispell the anti-magic cloud!

That was the luck of Lady Isis for certain, because had I not shrugged off the magic cloud the dispelling would not have functioned!

Battle began with I stepping in front of Father Indaris as he started a prayer, and Master Pippin put himself between Master Ursus and the Giant King! Heroes all of them! I performed a feint with Callandor to lure him into attacking me as I slid my other hand over the Amulet of Teleporation that would bring us to Sekti-Abtu. Just our savior’s left arm crushed into my left arm I activated the amulet and took ALL OF US!!


In the alcove we had him bent over from cieling and a few more hits and he quickly realized how screwed he was. He surrendered dropping the arm and his runesword. I scooped up the runesword into my bag as Master Ursus picked up the arm. Our four new companions went to bind the Giant King and he did not resist. This is when the the Dread Knight betrayed the rules of surrender and parley. Such is the foul nature of evil they can’t see the fact it could have been a chance to sew peace between a Kingdom of Giants and others. I know now he sees me as he sees giants. He struck diving between my legs. Even though Father Indaris and I both attempted ressurections and should have worked he did not return to life. I then cast a Carpet of Adhesion Spell on him and bade Father Indaris and a guard to bring manacles for mage prisoners.


Etrinus Fortem, for glory awaits Osiris as we go forth to complete my promise to Lady Isis.

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
Immortal War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent on the 28th of Thoth, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ_Rune or screen captured by him.

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  • What hurts worst for Xerx’ses is feeling that No Name can’t see past his pain to what could have been accomplished over time with a Monster King knowing he was treated as a human noble prisoner might have been. He understands the pain but his selfish need to inflict it upon one that has not done him wrong, and hubris in thinking he knows above all that Sunder has done nothing good for the monster races.

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