Dispater Defeated

At What Cost?

Dear CrIsis

You no longer need to be concerned with the one formerly known as Dispater. The one named Ashassa has been freed. My Master has the offensive book safely tucked away.

I regret to inform you that all the members of the Soldiers of the Torch perished, save the bard Gleba. He is recovering under the best care in Caer Itom. Gleba is a favored bard of the Emperor

My Master sends his regards. “This threat was too grave to leave it be,” he said. He wishes you well, but reminds you that you are not currently welcome anywhere in the World but Timiro – “Choice is tricky”, he told me to tell you.

Bondrake Earthseeker
Most trusted of the Slayer

Sent on the 14th of Selestra in the 24th year of the Great Western Empire.




Picture by the great Keith Parkinson.

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