Divine Intervention Or Is It Interview

Greetings unto thee, my beloved,

This picture you’ll find in this painting is a new style I’m trying. I noticed some illuminations in the books Xerx’ses reads regarding poetry. These books had been preserved using magic and one of them had a famous painter in them. Her name was Peshwyn and she has painted two full reigns of the royal family of the now defunct New Kingdom. The Oathkeeper was unaware how much actual art thought lost he carried with him! He was only ever truly aware of the poets. Professor Malkin and I have been talking each night about how the monks of Bletherad were singing the “Golden Minotaur’s” praises when they saw the illuminations and that they got to keep two of those tomes in pristine condition.

Hey let me share a few excerpts from different poems:

Excerpt #1
One ring to show our love,
One ring to bind us,
One ring to seal our love,
And forever to entwine us.

Excerpt #2
Going home changed more everyday,
Talking to me in your own little way
Before I met you the days were worse,
Spit upon like dirt, in constant hurt.
As each day passed I felt so empty and alone,
You touched my heart that I thought was stone.
Your words became so appealing,
One couldn’t help catching that feeling,
A princess was all I wanted and needed,
Expectations is what you exceeded.

Excerpt #3
We are connected on such a deep levels
That no one can remove that, not even the dyval.
Our feelings might be different a year from now
But you are part of me forever somehow.
A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me.
no matter what happens, that much is certain
our souls are one until life closes the curtain.

Rod Rambler might edit it out but the good Professor thanked Xerx’ses for this and “two guests” that showed up from the Great Tree of Life. Oh, fair and sweet future wife, when the good and knowledgeable Professor kissed Xerx’ses feet, followed by the holy emblem of Osiris on his wide Mologoth hide belt. A child could have killed the Minotaur Demigod at the frightened shock of someone actually treating him as a member of the Pantheon of Ra!

The last few nights though up to the 16th of Corg I feel as though She Of Countless Names has been speaking unto me. Well, and this is where words might fail me, more as though she was speaking to my soul. Something is clearly changing in my very nature and I feel soon Nisi may be seeing a second golden statue. It is so hard to explain it in any detail and for once I am not sure the written word can convey my feelings adequately on this. I am starting to see a larger picture and some of what Xerx’ses mumbles about is beginning to make frightening sense.

CrIsis is not just a band of mismatched heroes drawn to accomplish a task they never could alone. How many pyramids are there now? How many worlds had pieces of Osiris? If the stories are being spread across all the worlds they are worshiped upon then even the Pantheon of Taut will gain some converts. What is it they say about a rising tide raising all ships? If you were to apply for a position at the court of a ruler you must demonstrate the ability to perform the tasks asked of you. Until Xerx’ses became a Demigod did I truly realize that the Pantheon of Ra is using this event to swell their ranks, worshipers, and influence across a megaverse of worlds! So, how do you find people worthy to be Gods and Goddesses? They must perform feats of a god’s nature without the power. Then they must also deal with the ramifications of those decisions.

Xerx’ses said being a god is about choices.

Being among the oldest of what I know of the Pantheons of Palladium. I suspect there may come a day when the other religions will have to decide to join, or find other worlds to pursue for the wonders of faith and prayer. Lictalon the Great may actually be the greatest contender to a single faith covering the whole of Palladium. I’m looking forward to meeting one of the three responsible helping to bring about the Age of Light. Still, with all of those that might be qualified to be worthy of joining a pantheon many will fall by the wayside in the pursuit. Such is evidenced by the companions we have lost and those that “chose” other paths to pursue. However, this sheds another thought with new light. Isis didn’t pick Xerx’ses, but was merely the Goddess sent to acquire his oath of service. When you compare the stories about how certain gods react to various members of CrIsis when they meet them for the first time. It is clear to me that my dear friend was not the chosen of Isis. However, I suspect it was either Ra or Thoth that made the call. The outside guess for Apis cannot be discounted since redemption is a trait she is fond of. Now, what’s not in doubt is that he has been the first to make the leaps and climb the stairs to a place among them. Finally, I am beginning to feel I may be ready and worthy to do the same.

If what I suspect comes true how to you feel about marrying a Demigod?

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent upon the morning of the 16th of Corg and a back up with the Pontiff as well.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at: artist@agodrebuilt.org
Poems found online ‘HERE’ & ‘HERE’ and edited for context.


4 Responses to “Divine Intervention Or Is It Interview

  • First, Is this the official proposal from Indaris to Nara, as I don’t recall one either in logs or game.

    Second, (Channeling Grignak here) sex with a God or even a Demi-God has to be some serious mind-blowing (and other parts) love making.

    Lastly, Seems Indaris’ growth to becoming a Demi-God has given him the indight needed to understand Xerex’ses currently, Hopefully Ursus can get that insight and it is reciprocated back to him, not sure where Ursus will be (mentally & psychologically) if & when he attains his next status.

    • Definitely not the first proposal.
      Great choices on quotes, and a really cool perspective!

  • Indaris passed the interview! I wonder what his station and responsibilities will be? Does the ReSet member elevated in kind gain the diametric opposite? Is there a Demigod of Lies and Broken Promises amongst ReSet?

    • I know that ReSet will be allowed a second Demigod per the rules agreed upon when I was elevated without warning.
      A Demigod of Lies sounds great!

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