Do Not Dread, Skred

My Dear Friend Skred,

I have written to Malkin Falimede and have done as you have asked. CrIsis and I have decided to take on the Manus Trebelium head on and have attached the location of his base to this message. I strongly feel that you and the rest of the army of Timiro should come and counter attack Manus with us. Evacuate Fort Calda and save its citizens. Let us together cut off the head of this snake. Meet up with us there in approximately twenty-four days if we do not run into any delays. Please keep us up to date with your status. How many days out would you like us to send another pigeon? If you could also send word, I would like King Gedro to come. If you must, feel free to use the name General Mordox if it will get him to come. Tell the king that I have gone to take out this enemy of Timiro and seek any aid he would offer. Together we will crush this force. Please gather any druid friends you can or remaining resistance. I feel this is the fight that we will finally earn our freedom. I hope that our king’s eyes will be open after this fateful battle. If not, I fear it never will and my death will follow shortly.

General Gavin Mordox

Posted by Gavin on the 16th of Corg in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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