Don’t Mess with MaMa Bear

…Or Her Childs


Ansa is taking her Children, AuBeron & KolBjorn on a pilgrimage to Sekti-Abtu. Her hope is to make it there for their first birthday and have their blessing ceremonies in the main temples of Khonsu, Isis and Ansa.

Ansa has been travelling with some official groups headed to Sekti-Abtu from Avramstown. Her Uncle has asked her to wait for a full Military compliment, but She wanted to go in her own method. She did agree to a small squad of her former compatriots from her own service in the King’s Scout Corp.


The Sizable group has gone from Avramstown to SeaHolm, where a large ship took them up the Kota river to IronHold. From there they plan to travel across the Southlands to RangeHold, where they will get another Ship to Lopania.


As they travel, Ansa ensures that every night they are either sequestered in their Ship’s birth or camp well away from the rest of the group while on ground. She is so much afraid for her Childs, but the others in the group. The Childs have been known to “play rough” and very few can survive their “play”. They are half way to the major trading center in the Southlands and have camped early due to heavy weather. Ansa decides that this would be a good opportunity for some hunting training for the Childs. She makes their own camp farther away then usually this night, so they could have more movement and freedom in the forest.


Just after they change, she pushes them off into the forest, telling them to find a scent and follow it, she will follow just far enough to let them do their own thing. They take off following various scents, sometimes splitting, but often converging back to each other. She decides to let them run and she will track where they go. After about half an hour She can hear them shuffling through the brush. Then Her heart sinks as she hears a metallic clank, and one of her cubs wailing loudly. Instinct takes over and she sprints full force to the sound of the wail. She is running fast, heart pounding in her ears. The only sound is Her wailing cub. Then the wailing stops, her heart skips a beat, but she picks up the pace, listening hard for any new sounds. Then there is a new sound, Coyles whelping in pain and fear.


She breaks into a small clearing and sees an amazing sight. A large pack of Coyles, circled up back to back with spears, swords and bows poking and firing at her Childs as they circle them growling and slashing at there weapons. AuBerjon has a large steel trap stuck to her butt dragging whats left of the large anchor chain behind her. The Coyles are all crying out in fear some have major injuries to them. They all have shock in there faces as they try to stab or shoot arrows at the two cubs and they bounce harmlessly off their furry hides. Ansa laughs a little bit, before getting her serious scowl on. She runs into the clearly growling loudly and ferociously. A quarter of the Coyles drop a load and another quarter faint outright. She runs straight at the group on all fours. Just mere centimeters before slashing them all to ribbons, She stops, snorting and drooling all over them. Then she stands upright on Her back legs, growling so loudly the fur on those right in front of is blown back a little. Then she starts to talk. Those that had dropped a load, now faint.


“HOW DARE YOU TRY TO POACH MY POUR LITTLE DEFENSELESS CHILDS!” She turns to her children. “Aub, Bjorn are you ok my poor little Childs! Come to MaMa, my cute little demons.” She turns back to the Coyles. “You sniveling little dogs, I should shred every single one of you.” One seems a bit brave and tries to slash at Ansa. She catches the blade with her bare paw and pulls it from his hand, then bends it in half, handing it back to the Coyle. “TRY AGAIN!” She turns back to her children, “Go on, back to camp, I will catch up. Turning back to the Coyles, “NOW RUN…RUN BEFORE I DECIDE TO REALLY GET MAD…YOU PILES OF FECES!” With that, they all grab their “fallen” comrades and run back into the deep forest.


Once back to camp, she grabs up her children and hugs almost too hard, but she resists. “You two are so much like your father, good job on defending yourselves, I am so proud, now let’s get some rest and we will hunt some breakfast for the others later. Good night my Childs.”


After the children are asleep, she walks to the edge of the camp kneels down and looks up to the sky. “Lady Mother, praise be to you for saving my Children, I owe you much more then I could ever repay. In fact, I may have already paid more than any Bonded should. Apologies My Lady, that was my anger welling up. Please take care of my Bonded well where ever he ends up. I don’t know what else to say, so Praise be to you My Lady and may My bonded bring yours home to you.


Ansa and the children make it the rest of the way to Lopania without issue. Rumors abound to “leave the Pilgrimage party with the Bears ALONE!”.

Coyote/Bear pic from Tap-A-Talk


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