Don’t Throw This Letter Away!

At least read it completely first – please!

Mat Mando,

It’s me, Aleyne. Eyes! No, don’t throw the letter away! How many years has it been? Not nearly long enough? Ha ha ha! I know you’re thinking that. You may not have heard it from within your hide-away in Troker, but I’m sort of famous now. That’s right! I’m one of the crew members that sails with CrIsis!

Yeah, glad you kept reading now? How’s that for a shock! THE CrIsis! I’ve been with them for a while, sailing around the world. We’ve done things you wouldn’t even believe. Listen – I know we didn’t leave off on the best of terms and you could’ve lived the rest of your life without ever hearing from me again. But I’m not the Aleyne you remeber. I’ve changed a lot since then.

Stop laughing!

It’s true. I’m a changed woman. At least, I’m trying to be. And it’s all thanks to Xerx’ses. You had to have at least heard of him, right? The leader of CrIsis? The Golden Minotaur? Well, he and I… we’re totally an item now. It’s true. I’ve never been with someone who makes me feel the way he does. He’s charming, he’s handsome, he’s a perfect gentleman, he really knows how to make a lady feel special, and he’s great in bed.

He’s not like any of those assholes that I’ve been with. Especially that douchebag Bradd. Turns out you were right about him. I got even with him but it sort of fucked my life even worse than it was before. But Xerx’ses… I don’t think he even knows how to be an asshole. Is that possible? How is he so confident and strong and terrifying to his enemies yet so gentle and sincere with me?

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll get to the point already. Calm down.

For as perfect as Xerx’ses is, we can’t take our relationship to the next level until I travel to his tribe. Once there I need to prove myself and get the blessing of his wife to marry him, too. First he will magically send me to Troker. From there I must travel deep into the Baalgor Wasteland. He says a guide will eventually meet me who can help take me to where his tribe lives. Then I will meet his wife, prove myself to her, and Xerx’ses and I can be married!

By now you’ve probably figured out why I’ve written to you after all these years. I told Xerx’ses I needed to wait until our next port to get the right supplies. That was only partially true. He then gave me an ancient Rune weapon to help me in my journey. Sure, it has a catch, but nothing I can’t handle.

What I am afraid I can’t handle… is the trip itself. I’m a sailor! What do I know about traveling through a desert wasteland? It’s literally the exact opposite of everything I’ve ever done or even know how to do. I know we’ve had our differences. I know you hoped to never hear from me again. But I really, really need your help.

You know I wouldn’t even be writing this to you if I wasn’t fucking desperate. I’ve wasted so much of my life either with the wrong men or trying in vain to get their attention. I’ve finally found the right man. But I can’t make this trip on my own! You and I both know that. You’ve lived out there in Troker for so long. That’s why I’m reaching out to you now.

Mat, you’re the only person I know who I can even ask. This isn’t easy for me, either! I’ll arrive at Troker in a couple weeks. We just left the city of Haven in the Eastern Territory and are sailing north. Once we make our next port I’ll get prepared and let Xerx’ses send me out there. Can I count on you to be there for me?

Your sister,


This letter written by Aleyne "Eyes" Hawkspur and sent to Troker on the 24th of Grekar in the 25thyear of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II of the Western Empire.

Desert image courtesy of 3DLandscapeArtist.


7 Responses to “Don’t Throw This Letter Away!

  • Mat must be the baddest Elf anywhere, to survive in Troker as one of the pretty races! Love the attitude of the letter, and hope she makes it…

  • OMG!!! This is shaping up to me an awesome side quest. Redemption is a beautiful thing!

  • If I ever meet Bradd there will be a new flavor of jam!!!

  • Troker was bad, but will it be any worse than having 2 wives 😉

    • If one of those wives is Eyes, then Troker’s probably the safer choice. 😀

  • Scraping off the filth, putting on the new, and mixing the families together…WOW, what a strange romance novel this would make.

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