Eastern Territories

Confederate Kingdoms


Nothing complicates my life more than the Eastern Territories. I used to use their ports as a hiding place (along with the Wolfen Empire ports). Now I am here really getting to know the complex laws of each individual kingdom here; it’s like a confederate of kingdoms. Those ‘kings’ have their own laws but have universal central law that is governed by… mercenaries (?). I wonder if the kings realized that a bunch of organized thugs got them all under the delusion of security that they would revolt. I hate this place. There is such a complex feeling about the place. Bishop Rose, whom I like, is good here; Asher who I am getting to know just joined one of the empires in this commune; Cava was a citizen and hated it here and finally there’s douche bag that is one of the leaders of the land pirates… er… mercenaries and he is a real thorn in my side- the so-called “Sir” Thurgood Andress . This dirt bag with his smirk smile and pompous attitude drive me bat crap crazy and I should know bat crap; I’ve seen enough of it. Yea finally I should mention he is a citizen too. So the good bad and ugly live in this complex place and it drives me insane. The people love me but the leaders hate me. The priests encourage and support me but the lords of the land would rather I go somewhere else.

I just realized that Mary is in Yin Sloth Jungles. OH THOTH! I wanted to stay away from that place too. I will need a magic teleport spell when this is done. I was a member of Bizantium then Wolfen Empire only to go back to Bizantium because my cousin was king. That didn’t last… Damn. I should of stayed with Wolfen Empire, the king of Havea would of taken me and Mary in; now I have lost a child, regretted my choice of citizenship, and my Mary is in city in the swamp. Man I should have not thought of that. I am certain that thinking of that was too much.

The story that I want to tell goes something like this. After crossing across the forests of Thoth knows what, we get to a dwarfen surface city that is a fantastic tent city eager to be part of the games and we were like, YEAH. We cheered too soon. Some witch next store (no assault on women like I normally would do, it really was a witch) decides that she needs to summon monsters and when we call the authorities we run into twit for brains and his merc team. We, in desperation, teleport out of there and end up at a temple that shows us the law and sends us back. So with the games in reach we go to some queen and watch Asher join the local empire and he is swearing to see and just thinking of douche who he was going to turn himself over to because he ‘broke’ the law. I was so furious that I was stomping my feet and biting my lip. One the plus side, a kobold is now part of one of the kingdoms of the Territories, I guess. I hate humans, well some of them. They make awful leaders; too many mistakes, far too many mistakes.

I am sorry I am just ranting to myself. I fear that the Empire of Sin is not going to be better. At any rate, perhaps the morning will be better when we turn ourselves… ug… over to the ‘law’. Thoth help us.

Written by Overkill on the 9th of Ra the 1st year of King Wilgan.

Picture from Profiles in History.


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