Elections, Vows, Campaign Oaths

To my lovely lifemate, Chieftain Laval’liere Lightbringer,

When I ask questions I know you won’t answer me till the tribal “Exodus” back to Fort Etrinan is complete. Now, that won’t stop me from asking them because I never know if it will be my last letter. That being said, I would like you to decide – when you’re ready – three choices for me to select from for the second minotaur bride. My third choice will likely be Elven. Which I am sure from the Books of CrIsis or those “Other Books” is hardly a surprise. The chosen elf will be sent to you to earn your approval and gain “honorary” tribal membership. Maybe join the new warriors of light Chieftain Rostam, Chieftain Xixin, yourself, and Cardinal Rothas hope to build that will guard this new bastion of the light. Maybe even take the Wastelands to a new joint era within the light!!!??

It has not been a full twenty-four turns of the hourglass since my last missive to you. I will be brief about the battles’ aftermath. I collected the runestaff of one Gul Sharzol, whom I came to find out orchestrated the attack on CrIsis because he worships Set – Lord of Darkness, and he is running to become the “Head of the Weavers” among the Tri-Arcanum Guild. Soon, as word had spread about the battle between mages among a rather full magic guild we were joined by Mistress Charolyn Karath – Head of the Internalists, Master Wesvon Mardeen – Head of the Granted, Sir Quixis Ote – Knight Commander of the Order of the Dawn, and last but never least the friend of CrIsis – Master Bard – Terramore Gleba! Behind came low level guards and magi in training to remove the bodies and begin scrubbing the blood. Master Wesvon and I made attempts to remove a foul magic circle that was upon the roof when I had arrived and was slowly draining our life essence over time. Master Wesvon was the successful one between us but I did not feel bad since he had to try more than once as well.

Soon we were all headed down stairs for sleep and I cast a the spell Master Kel-ed taught me. I know I should say “late” but I never saw him die and for me this is still to near. The “Trade of Thoth” allows me to trade the training level in one skill for another I just learn. Today, I learned how to become a public speaker and my memories about body building have been erased and re-structured. I can barely remember what Groun’na and Mergerij taught me. Now those memories are being replaced by my time learning the sword and now physical conditioning from Master Overkill and Father Indaris. I have read everyone that acquires power pays a price for it.


This is my price.

I am writing this down because it is the third time I have used this spell. I was not as blunt about the other times I used it. Any competent historian might figure it out since I wrote like a simpleton in those earlier days. The Books of CrIsis are important to me because of what they contain – the true record of my memories. If any among the Pantheon of Ra that see this could please provide her a copy of the true books and erase this request in publication. I have been selective in making sure the memories I gave up to change what I know have involved dark things in my past. These are things I have finished dealing with and they are memories also stored within Kom’Var Spellborn. For him these are his initial memories with no emotional context. I realize this raises the legitimate concern I might forget you. Know that I would rather die than trade the memory of the first person to take me as I am now, and love me for it. I hope that is romantic because it is still something I don’t believe I excel at.

Well, I took a room provided by Master Terramore alongside the “Man with No Name” – Khonsu’s Reaper and Father Indaris – Isis’ Seeker. Master Silent Dream, Shaman Grignak, and Master Ursus took the room offered by Sir Quixis.

~ The 20th of GREKAR ~

Rogtilda is likely gone now since today is the Festival of Apis. I offered my morning prayers for his safe passage and made sure to wipe the tears before I faced the others. The War of Light and Dark has jaded me and while I press on I know I likely make the Lawgiver sad. His rebuke still weighs upon me. Though not for the reasons of my atonement. Since becoming partially divine I’m far more aware of how jaded I’ve become. I am trying to hold myself up to that old standard, but I don’t know how I can re-achieve such a fountain of virtue and still get the job done. Maybe he will forgive me maybe he won’t but I just focus on the fact I gave my vow to Isis and if that is my purview now then she is the one I cannot let down. Besides I will have eternity to apologize, so there is that to console myself with.

Master Ursus tried to join the Guild but since he was not of “master” level psychic powers he application was rejected. I failed to relay that bit in my last letter and I apologize about that. Shaman Grignak joined and then (through use of a metamorphosis spell I had done for him via a lengthy ritual) ended up having a “playful” time with the Hooman member of the “Granted” that handled his paperwork. I have a feeling Master Wesvon and him will get along famously. Master Dream was approached about joining, but I’ll get to that below.

In trying to fill out the form to apply for the position of Head Weaver. Which would cause my name to scroll across the magical banners on each floor. Where it would appear with the other candidates (the only names I’m listing are the ones Master Terramore mentioned to me): Gul Sharzol, Elminster Amore, Gwydion Belgarath, Mustrum Stibbons. I found out about a reference to the “Rules” for running for the position. This also lead to finding out these rules were the abridged version. Soon my shadow guard, Father Indaris, and I were off to the Rulesmaster of the Tri-Arcanum, Master Rincewind (Pronounced Rins’ vinde). Somewhere during this busy morning I found out that Master No Name had gotten an application to run for the same position. I managed to convince him to back my play for this instead. More than one person said it was a clever move. My lack of acumen among the magocracy of the Tri-Arcanum Guild will grow soon and I’ll understand that “clever notion” better.

Rulesmaster Rincewind had a most unique door of it being at the dead end of a hall. However, my time spent in deciphering the secrets contained within the Book of A’zad have taught me to look at things with different eyes. I picked up a scent from the other side and called out if anyone was home. “Yes, come in,” was the enigmatic reply, which prompted my outstretched arm to prove what my See Aura Spell was telling me. The wall was a very convincing illusion and we stepped through to the other side. The small library was brilliantly organized in either illusion shrouded book shelves or they occupied another dimension like a Bag of Magical Holding to be called forth when desired. I’ll have time later to find out which one it is. Rulesmaster Rincewind is not only a fan of CrIsis, but he owns first edition copies of all of our books! I know what your thinking as you read this – 1st edition? What edition are we on currently? I offer to sign all of his books in exchange for answering some questions I had about the rules. Oh, from the simple books that had held all of the rules of the Tri-Arcanum when it was founded. The current total of rules occupies 582 volumes! Apparently, if you ever promise the Rulesmaster something it mystically becomes a rule of the guild! I found out when I promised that CrIsis would stop by before we left and sign all of his copies. He showed the the book where it appeared now as mystical law.

Well snicklefritz!

I looked over the 582 volumes and wondered how many errant vows had been made in the last two and a half centuries that filled those volumes. I decided I did not want to keep adding to them and asked my questions:

  1. Can a Minotaur run for a leadership position within the guild?
  2. Can a Demi-god have membership and also run for a leadership position within the guild?

Rulesmaster Rincewind found that both were both were allowed and it was in Rulebook Vol: 238 specifically that any and all races are welcomed. I started to quietly laugh expecting to find the Lord of Wisdom as a member of the guild. I even thought he would be disguised as some insignificant member so he could watch the election. Then I creeped myself out when I thought he was a member of ALL magic guilds in the way I described. Making magic users a special form of priesthood he could tap on countless worlds. Okay, moving on! I went and finished the application after getting some parting advice about speaking with Master Wesvon and Mistress Charolyn since they would need to work with me and needed to know it could be done.

At breakfast we tried to have a group telepathic chat only to find a mental interloper in our midst. He (well his thoughts felt male in tone), offered to meet us in a garden at the fifteenth hour of the day. It was agreed whomever went to meet this person would not go alone. As though that might be the last of it I had been hearing from my friends and others in passing the Gul had been using invisible goblins to gather information on his opponents. We caught one under the table and as I pull it up into the light of the hall it confirmed what others had been saying. I laughed so hard, shaking the little creature by default, and they were all looking at me when I made sure the little creature would take a message back to his master. I made sure he knew I thought he was no Jareth, no Goblin King. I had faced him and Gul would have been found wanting in front of his better. Setting the creature down he scurried off.

It was during our breakfast I dealt with whether or not Master Dream would join the Tri-Arcanum Guild. He had reservations because very recently he had been on the Wolfen side of the war with the Eastern Territory. He knew about the Tri-Arcanum’s involvement with the war, and now from reading the Books and Scrolls of CrIsis and my own thoughts he knew that the vast majority had not wanted to be involved and did so only out of duty. Much the same way the Wolfen served their country regardless of their views on the conflict. There were Wolfen members of the Guild and if he wanted to make this a better place then join, help me win one of the leadership roles and we could forge ahead. Without his support through membership his ideas would never see the light. Together we can accomplish more than the sum of our individual parts. He agreed and the Guild grew stronger this day.

After our late breakfast, but before I headed up to meet them my guard changed out and CrIsis divided into a “promoting me” group composed of Masters No Name, Silent Dream, and Father Indaris. While Shaman Grignak and Master Ursus stayed with me. While I had not intended to need a chaperon everywhere I went I had to explain my special clause. Since I was partly divine and the war betwixt Light and Dark was renewed. If I was ever alone and separated from CrIsis then one of the Pantheon of Taut could attack me without breaking the Agreement!

Despite their age both of the remaining leaders of the guild have VERY HEALTHY amorous appetites. My meeting with Master Wesvon went well and even my compatriots outside worked the guards over for more information. He asked a favor of me regarding Master Tyvernos and I told I would if I got to go to the party they had. This truly surprised him and what I said next caught myself by surprise, “Hey, I have to take three brides and being part divine I suspect I may be able to mate with more than my original species, just make sure you bring the elf girls.” As I write this I am sad because nothing about that was romantic. However, I promised you I would never lie to you so this is me proving that even though I might say something stupid I will tell you everything. I expect the same from you and the other two lifemates when we choose to bring them into our family.

Mistress Charolyn’s meeting was about posturing and seduction, while I was impressed mightily by her beauty. Lady Rhiana is the only elf still in possession of superior beauty. Both of them were psychic and their seduction game was as sharp as a rune dagger! To escape an unsanctioned mating I had to use the last object of her affection – Master Ja’Deir. I cracked her seduction game when I explained our furry Ashada had gotten married. Her temper flared so hot and the thought ANYONE had rejected her caused her to summon one of her guards for “angry sex” if I could guess.

I will find out about what my friends found out in the garden shortly when they return. Then we will talk to the two candidates I believe I can win to my side.

Amor Meus Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
Immortal War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent near the 16th hour of the 20th of Grekar, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345th year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<
Pictures by AZ_Rune.

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  • Amor Meus Etrinus Fortem = “My Love Endures Forever” in Dwarven.

    It is my hope that his rise in IQ is starting to show through.

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