Enlightenment of Konesh

Ley-Rhy’s Farewell

Farewell CrIsis!

First, I have to apologize for my abrupt departure. I know that ye were all committed to bringing me safely to Bletherad. I fear I am unable to travel with thee as previously arranged. I am hence releasing this obligation from thee, but giving in its place a warning. Beware the influences of the Old Ones. They were never destroyed, only removed from their absolute power. They will rise again as chaos emerges. Chaos is the unbalanceness of order. Order is not a property governed by man, but a power inherent in nature. Believe me, the universe has a propensity towards order. It desires to be in this state. It is the influence of man over nature that disturbs this balance of order, thus causing the ripples of chaos upon the surface of the great pool of the universe. To do things that are unnatural only beckons the coming of the Old Ones and their minions.

But I digress, this letter is not to tell of the doom of the Old One’s, but to recall to thy memory of our conversations, that ye may have a record of our proceedings.

Please do not take lightly this letter. As it is written by my own hand, know that it was for a wise purpose that it is now in thy hands. I do not make physical records oft. The information that I have recorded in days past have been known to cause great destruction. This letter is no exception. Typically, I asked that my letters be destroyed after reading them. But this letter is needed for the remainder of CrIsis’ quest. Thus, I ask that it is safe guarded until thy holy mission is complete. Upon that hour, please ensure that this information is destroyed. Also, make no copies of what I am about to give thee!

Remember, dear followers of Isis, the books within the Libraries of Alarassa shall guide ye to the resting place of Osiris’ Kidney. Seek out these libraries that their words may enlighten thy path.

When ye enter one of these places of knowledge seek out a book pertaining to the eight mudras of the Light. I believe, from my review of my scroll, that the mudras provide an order that shall act as the key. Follow the mudra, and their power shall be unfolded.

In the Library destroyed in Credia, I pulled this book. It cannot go with thee for it has more than one meaning to me. But this much I give to thee; the words around the holy Seba symbol contained there in were: *Kingdom, word, ice, without, other*.

The Libraries have a long history with the protection of Osiris. Once all information and knowledge was contained in one single Library, the Great Alarassarian Library. It was here that the Guardians of Konesh were given charge of a secret, as interpreted from my scroll. It is believed that Ra, holder of the sun, came down to the holy Library and whispered into the Sage’s ear the *Song of Dawn*. This song contained the secrets of the resting place of one of the pieces that was stolen away from Set and Anubis.

Knowing that Set would come for the Song, the Sage foretold of the destruction of Alarassa. The Guardians of Konesh seeing that the destruction of all the world’s knowledge would fall victim to Set’s conquest for the Song of Dawn, it was decided to divided the Great Library into Twelve bodies. Each Guardian took a piece of the Library, and secretly chose a location where to go and build their own library. Thus were born the Seed Libraries of Alarassa.

Prior to the twelve leaving, the Sage broke the Song of Dawn into eight chords. He gave four false chords and eight true chords among the twelve; so it is written. None of the twelve knew the nature of their chord. But the Sage kept this knowledge secret. Through the millennia, the Sage has past the truth behind the chords to their successor. Though the Song of Dawn was lost with the first Sage of Konesh, the knowledge of the chords have been preserved.

Dear Children of the Light, you now possess the Chords of Zen! Keep them safe. Only with the other Chords may the Song of Dawn be played again, that the waves of harmony guide you to the hidden piece of Osiris.

Lastly, I tell of the sad tale of the *Library of Wo’Elfenbrut*. It was founded long ago as I have said. A young maiden, a prime pupil of the Sage was given charge to start this Seed Library. It is known that this Library was the largest of the twelve. It remained the largest until the union of the three Seed Libraries that formed Bletherad. Because of its large size it was the first to attract the attention of the Zealotry. The Zealots moved in swift giving the Maiden Scholar little chance to prepare. It had been assumed that the library was moved a second time. But, with the light of new information, Malkin and I have a theory that it was not moved, but rather buried. It is still unknown to where the original Library of Wo’Elfenbrut was located, as that information was foolishly and ironically destroyed by the Zealotry. But its very name is a clue. The word Wo’Elfenbrut is a vulgar translation meaning, +Place of the Elven Spawn*. Furthermore, Malkin believes that the heir of the Maiden of Wo’Elfenbrut may still know the secret location of this Library. Find the heir, find the Library.

The Maiden’s name I know was *Ariavra Cherona*. If ye are to find her heir, ye must seek the knowledge of Jase Wendryn the bard. His knowledge of heraldry and genealogy surpasses any in all of Palladium. He can be trusted, I assure you. Though you must first earn his trust before he will reveal his wisdom. Do not be fooled by his charades.

With this I bid thee good luck. Think nevermore that thy roads are divided again. All that is, has, and ever will be placed in front of thee requesting of the service of CrIsis is all one great whole. These events were built from the very foundations where upon thy quest has been formed. They are the workings of the gods. As long as ye set thy personal desires aside, and turn away from the pride of the world, ye will not be led away from thy holy quest. Remember, remember that all that is given to thee comes from Isis and her heavenly retinue. Think not again that ye have been given two or three or four quests. They are all but one. Go now with this knowledge and may the Light preserve thee.

Your friend,

Ley-Rhy Rhavamanthys Puhkorne, Sage of Konesh

_Written by the hand of Ley-Rhy Puhkorn, Monk of Moonfast, to CrIsis on ? ? ? of Grekar ? ? ?_


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