Extra Extra!!

New Security in Place For Rest of Games!



As decreed by Empress Jesslyn, there will be new security measures enforced in all arenas beginning today! There will be mystic drains in effect in all arenas, and each and every ticket holder will be examined to verify they are in their natural forms!

“Our security force suspects that there are impersonators in the ranks of not only the athletes, but some of the Guild Members,” reports Sir Thurgood Andress, head of LGC security. “I have brought the information to the Empress, and she has acted swiftly, at great personal expense, to protect all of the Arenas!”

Thurgood refused to elaborate more on who was employed to supply the wards, nor would he give information on how each ticket holder will be screened.

”This is a giant undertaking by the Empress. I hope that Lopan will be reimbursed by the Games! I would charge 4000 for each ward, multiplied by the over 20 stadiums- not to mention each gem of reality, if I could get my hands on over 100…. and those are discount, wholesale bulk rates to do some good for the Games!” Thus the only alchemist that was willing to go on record in Lopania, Gabriel, of Gabriel’s Alchemy, stated.

Will the measures help? Will there be tragedy at this years Games, as we predicted? With so much at stake, even this reporter’s hat is shaking!!

What of the rumored Elven protest? Will that turn ugly?

All I know, kids and cuties, is I will be in the thick of it, reporting to you the true dirt!!

Until next time!
Helara Hoppner
Written on the evening of the 6th of Thoth.
Published by the Lopanic Games Beacon, and sent to all Capitals and major cities in Palladium!

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