Fall of the Horns of Isis

Wrestling in their respective sleep the Pontiff and Rostam Stonemace are awoken with a start into a waking vision.

Frightening images dance through their minds of Isis clutching at her chest and blood draining from her mouth. Horus moves to her and Thoth is bringing her a liquid filled cup.

“If we can’t keep covenants with those we make why did we sign that paper?”

Drip, blood splatters on the floor.

“Isis,” Thoth starts, “they knew the advantages they would gain as did we. We each had our reasons and in war there are choices to be made to revive a celestial to quote the mortal vernacular. You know better than to try and break the contract by helping”

Drip, blood splatters on the floor.

Isis weeps. . .

Drip, blood splatters on the floor.

“Isis,” Horus starts, “they knew there would be sacrifices and sometimes you lose a battle to win the war. It won’t make you feel better but find a way to honor them afterwards. Even in our neutered state we must be vigilant!”

Drip, blood splatters on the floor.

The Pontiff can feel Isis starring at him directly, “You! Tell him I tried when he contacts you.”

Drip, blood splatters on the floor.

Rostam can feel Isis starring at him directly, “Your wife and sons restored my faith in your people, don’t give up on the Light, I have not given up on you!”

Drip, blood splatters on the floor.

cutter-sticker.pngThe vision fades and as both recipients awaken. The light of the sun crests through the window on the Pontiff. Rostam sits starring at the embers of his fire from last night. Knock, Knock, Knock! He turns his head to the sound afraid of what sliding the bolt back would confirm.

Outside stands a young man in his mid twenties. His cloak is poorly wrapped around his charge, but Rostam would never forget any of the 32 rune weapons of the Etrinan Tribe. There was Cutter and Sticker as they came to be named because the matching sword and short sword never speak verbally only dreams and waking visions. The human was very calm for standing in front of a creature nearly twice his size and six times his weight. Rostam knelt and their eyes met.

Slowly he began, “My . . . name . . . is . . . Thaddeus, my uncle is Father Philip and if you know what I am carrying may I come inside?”

Rostam had heard the stories of Father Philip and the defense of the Obelisk of Osiris, “Yes hand them to me please.”

As the human priest relinquished his charge the cloak slid off his shoulder with them. Revealing an emaciated form and signs of battle wounds. Rostam raises an eyebrow and just picks up the man carrying him inside. After shutting the door he lays him upon his bed and thinks he is starring at a child for how small he looks. Thaddeues attempts to rise and Rostam stops him, bringing him food using some bowls he got from the master Dwarf smith for smaller folk. The minotaur was quiet except to tell Thaddeus his coming was foretold in a manner of speaking. He said to the human we was expecting at least one more visitor so his tale could wait for him to finish his food and the bandaging of his wounds.

Thaddeus nodded and only after three bowls and a splint applied to the broken femur he had been limping on did more knocking come from the door. Rostam watched as Thaddeus grabbed the fork like a small dagger, wince through the pain and rise in the bed to a fighting stance. This man would not die lying down. Picking up ‘Sticker’ so he could hide it behind his massive form as he answered the door. U’Selekma stood there with two Bishops and two Ramen guards.

“I have been expecting you, come in you’ll want to hear what he has to say I imagine.”

Without waiting for a reply he walked back inside and set the runesword down upon the bedside table next to “Cutter” and making sure he was between them and everyone else in the room. The Ramen immediately noticed the blades of eldritch power and demanded their removal. Rostam knew they were young and hyper vigilant then. He looked at the Pontiff and with a raised eye brow and poorly hidden smirk more was shared between them than any words could convey. A raised hand silenced the guards.

The Pontiff starred at Brother Thaddeus, “My son, tell us your accounting.”

Brother Thaddeus asked if he could be blessed and have a curse removed from an elf wizardess. It kept him from healing. Both Bishops came to his aid and even thanked Rostam for his care of the messenger from the “Horns of Isis,” as the minotaur / human run temple in Troker had been dubbed in church documents. Once the curse was lifted Brother Thaddeus could feel the food’s nourishment, the easing of pain from the splint and finally the healing from the source of of heavenly grace.

Only Rostam and the Pontiff knew the cost Isis had paid to make sure this sole survivor had made it back. She would be weakened for some time having broken the Agreement willingly to save her flock. The wounded priest bade everyone touch “Cutter” the larger blade and they could all see from the view of the sword and Mergerij the Paladin Minotaur of the fall of the “Horns of Isis.” Rostam moved the large crimson bladed runesword upon the bed and all present laid a hand upon it. Only Rostam’s was on the hilt of his tribe’s runebound brother.

Everyone witnessed the full detail of the three assaults King Kai launched upon the Temple! Hundreds to Thousands of pirates slain in the name of Isis and on the end of the third assault the whole city broke out into civil war as many thought the Horns of Isis and the Minotaurs of Light would win the day! All involved realized the fourth assault had happened after the Agreement was signed. Those in revolt were slain by the Shadow Guild of Troker, and after four days King Kai demanded their surrender! Zeelik stepped forward and challenged the King to a duel!

The King accepted!

The battle raged on for 10 minutes, then each of them landed a CRITICAL BLOW knowing they could afford no defense if they meant to best the other. Both died!

Chaos swarmed the streets as each side rushed forward to claim their hero’s corpse. Brother Thaddeus was seen on the front lines guarding Zeelik and heard his last words. Then the Çynopolis raiding band revealed themselves in full force! You could watch how the good priest was struck by a curse and then swallowed in a magical cloak of blackness borne by the elfin wizardess. When Zii’Clymnt stepped forward and pulled his dagger from Zeelik Stonemace’s side, his father – Rostam, knew why his son lost.


A snarl crept across the Minotaur’s 300 year old face knowing that treachery was the only way to beat either of his sons. Around Zii’Clymnt’s throat was a symbol of Anubis. Soon the view tilted up to a form behind the dark young minotaur to the one orchestrating this raid on Isis – Groun’na! Around his neck was the sign for Anhur, the dark god of cunning and ambition! Groun’na began spinning the large runic bladed ring, Egebba, around outstretched hand. Mergerij grabs Brother Thaddeus and shoves both his rune blades into his hand telling him his orders, and shouts for the portal retreat. Mergerij then lifted Anzuroq from Zeelik’s fallen form and went to battle as the portal closed.

Everyone around removes their touch from “Cutter” and the Ramen calm visibly knowing somehow the family relation between Zeelik and Rostam.

Just Then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ondemeira the White snaps out of her trance and knows the vision she had to be true as the chronicler of the Gods. She sets to finding quill and parchment as fast as her ink stained fingers can manage. She truly pitied the days she had to write about the fall out from the war of Light and Dark to reclaim Osiris. She was beginning to understand the former Chronicler better with each passing day.

Isis, Thoth, and Horus from Hewy Lewis

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