Fear the Reaper


Be ware my child to pray and fast, for each misstep could be your last. The Reaper comes for those who stray, so keep thy good and faithful way. Do not turn from thy good stead, lest ye will find thyself dead. If thou sins you must take flight, or else the man will come at night. The toll for sin will be your death, he’ll hunt you down till your dying breath. Yet if you keep your paths straight, the Nameless Man will be a good mate. He cares for the poor and needy too, he may even help you. For if you find your self stuck, you may just be in luck. The good follows him where ‘er he goes, so be a good lad and avoid them hoes.

I do not know when you will return, but keep your oaths if your dick you still yearn. A new god joins the ranks of few, but if lie your cock he’ll hew. Please my child your word don’t break, or your manhood the Minotaur will take. So stop making promises to that stripper, or else you will meet The Dick Ripper.


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