Fire in Lopan


Never in my life have I been so angered that someone who is clearly not worthy sing the national anthem to the public of Palladium. While we have had much success in hunting and downplaying those that would disrupt the games, it seems that my efforts to get that apology that we so eagerly desire will never come while that mariner is representing our country in the games. I watched as he pathetically attempted to regurgitate what he would call music and thank Rurga that he was drowned out by the famous bard Terramore otherwise it would have been an additional insult to our countrymen (and perhaps to my lunch) and our country. For a moment I locked eyes with him, he was nervous when he started but when he saw me, he relaxed and smirked while he barked that mongoose voice of his. When he pointed in my direction, girls went wild and the public cheered. People began to join in and sing to their hearts content. My men looked at me with confusion as I began to join the crowd. I was not going to be embarrassed this way and my men, upon seeing me sing, joined in immediately. When the song was finished I wanted to puke and forced a smile back at the trash. We left the festivities soon after while the crowd continued to cheer.

You will be angry with me father as at one point a few days ago I had all of that pathetic band in my grasp and they eluded me by first teleporting and then getting pardoned by the Empress of Lopan. I know I can get a break; it just needs to reveal itself. Please be patient; our name will be remembered with honor and strength. In the end all of Palladium will know us and fear us and the putrid pile of seagull excrement will be soon a byword. However in the meantime, I will have to protect the champions of the games. On the one hand I will now be closer to Overkill again and we can renegotiate the request for an apology as public as his denouncement of Karowyn’s; every little bit helps. On the other hand the other members of CrIsis will be there as Overkill may choose any additional security. I will do my best to convince him otherwise as I am certain that he is unfamiliar with our law. CrIsis has embarrassed us enough and it will stop at these Games. I have no intention of helping them lose but if there is any way to manipulate them, I will find it and I will do it. I will return with word and report.

Your honored son,


Written by Thurgood Andress on the 2nd of Thoth.

Picture from Dumbledore Shot First.

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