Five Of Seven

Later Mary


You would be proud of me. I actually broke free of my woman (no that isn’t a clear invitation of beer and whores); actually I really miss Mary…. I’ll explain.

Before we left Port Miro, we learned that there was a storm blowing in and that we needed to act fast. We purchased some supplies and hoped to race ahead of the storm. Heading North by Northwest, we arrived at Credia and there we met the fair majestic centaur, Karma (who am I kidding I nearly nearly soiled my armor). Mary was holding my quite tight. I guess the centaur scared her too. She even suggested that I draw Striker and I admit I almost did. She told us that Thoth summoned her to join us. As you may recall I recently became a devout follower of Thoth so I knew his style. I quizzed her just to show some validity; she checked out. She wanted to show some good spirits and invited us to a drinking contest. I had already gone against Chip before and knew that he was going to win but he patted me on the back and gave me a wink (sort of a ‘you’re not going to chicken out, are ya?’ kind of look). I told him that I would never back down and I want going to let him have all the fun. Sure enough the drinks were already paid for thanks to Bishop Tutu and with the help of some of our own spirits the contest began.

A wager of 500 each was on the table (and watched by Cava I might add). Four of us approached the table and the drinking began with Cava as the moderator. Each took a drink and after a few drink of Dwarven ale, the first to go was Greldarr, then myself (stop laughing) then the centaur and of course my favorite drinking buddy Chip (who was promptly vomited on by a centaur; funny).

The mood was high and we spent a night there (the last one for me and Mary) and in the morning we headed to Nibis to buy a boat (a landing craft, that thing with the dragon would of gone a whole lot better if we had one).

Then it was off to Y’Oda where we would get the goods on Jason’s loot and perhaps some idea of what else we were going to come in contact with. We were there for two weeks and we hooked up with some old friends had a few laughs and more drinking. The centaur was a surprise to most of the people there. I am pretty sure that the slavers visiting where pissed of the zero tolerance of violence and wanted our companion bad. Nothing bad happened there except good times. I even had a chance to catch up with an old friend, Rrggrlaph, a wolfen monk at the library, and have few drinks.

But business is business and we needed to get moving. After spending a month and a half moving north we came to the company of seven ships who were hellbent on taking our ship. They formed a nice formation and it would of worked if we were in any other ship but we raced past them with little damage to the ship or the crew.

Again, not to leave you in the dark of such a great sea battle here it is.

As we were cutting through the open sea, Rell, who was taking the nest at the time, called out that there was seven ships approaching. Should of flagged them then and there but stupid me we waited for them them to get too close and they started shooting at us. Pirates, our kind of people, bastards. Should of raised that flag being in the north but with everyone being tied up in duties we press forward. I asked those that were limited with short range attacks to go downstairs. They had made a star formation with two ships and the far ends of the star in the middle. We had shields thanks to Gavin and thank Thoth for it too because they were using ballistas and large crossbows. As they approached I had an idea. They were using the wind to race to us but Matilda was special and was not limited to such things. I decided to cut up their left flank between their outside man and the five in the middle. The risk almost cost us the ship as the outside man decided to prepare to board us by pinching us toward the five. It was the knowledge of Thoth that saved us (and a little luck too) because as they dropped their planks to board us I suddenly cut away from them and watched as twenty plus planks and their riders hit the salty sea. The pirates were not going to be detained and it took a cloud of some kind that Chip (my drinking buddy) conjured up. I didn’t realized that the act took so much out of him. There was a cloud that the pirates had of their own over the whole race that stung like light lightning. My teeth tasted like a fork.

I am not sure that the guys that fell in survived but were they a smaller number they would of seen an icy grave but we had more pressing matters. The cloud I learned was a concoction of magic that really messed up our magic user. The magic even messed up Rell’s axes and thanks to Chip were retrieved. I love that son of a bitch.

The melee was over and we had raced past the ships. The ships were adjusting their sails as fast as they could as that was their original advantage but we raced past them without further incident. I really wanted to know who they were and I still hate that I didn’t flag them or rase the Redbeard insignia.

Next stop, Seaholm. I wonder if I am going to run into you? Better you then the Bizantium Navy.

Posted by Overkill on the 27th of Ra, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from God of War III: How To Make A Monster.

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  • Lessons learned, by a former Pirate, on how to avoid Pirates. You would think he would already know, but his is very cocky, probably thought he could take them.

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